Loopple v0.1.0 Beta - Multiple Pages Drag and Drop Dashboard Builder


It's been 3 months since I am working on Loopple, a Drag and Drop Dashboard Builder. Today I made a new update and the biggest feature is the option to add multiple pages to your dashboard.

Now I am looking for feedback to see what do you think about the structure of the pages and if you find it easy to use. You can try this here: https://www.loopple.com/.

This update also comes with the following changes:

  • Add option to remove elements using Delete/Backspace button
  • Change sidebar grid sections design
  • Add actions for tables: "add new row" & "add new column"
  • Add Loopple logo
  • General style changes
  • General design & bugs issues fixes

Any feedback is very helpful and highly appreciated.

Thank you!

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