Lost Girl

Hi all,

I am sorry if I am doing this wrong, but as you can tell from my title, I am a little bit lost. I'm new to the tech side of things; my background is in sports journalism but I have made a shift to digital strategy. I thought the online forum transition would be easy (I've talked a lot about sports online), but I am finding myself a little lost and definitely overwhelmed! What are your suggestions and tips on how to use Indie Hackers (especially Indie Women) to its full potential? I guess I feel like I have a bit of imposture syndrome right now! Thanks for creating this space.

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    Journalism and writing are big deals in the world of indie hackers. Do you intend to write a book or create a course on how to do them right?

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      I am looking more at helping people by giving them tools and resources to use (that I've used and helped me). I was thinking more of a newsletter? I have a little one started but the reading list is mostly friends and family.

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    Hey! You mentioned something about journalism. Is that your goal with IH forum? Because if so, then that should actually be pretty straightforward since most people here are trying to be heard be the masses and you write for them!

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      I am happy to help anyone get their voices heard! My goal is to help people with tools and resources, but I enjoy writing for others as well.

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    Hey Sonja, fellow indie woman :)

    One way to start might be looking through some of the Groups and joining some that you find interesting. Then you'll start getting highlights from those groups via email.

    Another one is following people who are making interesting things, so their updates show up in "Following".

    I'd also highly recommend listening to the podcast! That should definitely help give you an idea of what the community is about.


    LMK if this is useful at all or you have a more specific question I can try to answer. Welcome!

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      This is awesome, thank you!!!

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    Just be you, be natural.
    We just read letters and symbols, no matter who writes them.

    Everyone is welcome on IH, no matter what. This community is gold.

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      I love that. I think I have to jump in instead of wadding around in waterwings :)

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    I love not answering these kind of posts straight away, the community are always great at coming up with better answers than I ever could. 😊

    The way I see it is we all have something to give and take, but it doesn't all come straight away. We all need time to get a feel for things and understand what's going on.

    Also, it would help if we could understand the kind of direction you'd like to head in, that would help indie hackers point you in more specific directions.

    Also, I need to organise another Indie Women online meetup, would you be interested in joining one? It's super casual, not recorded, a chance to put a face to other women and talk in a safe space.

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      Yes! That would be awesome (re: meet up)

      It's one thing (of many...) I miss because of COVID, networking and industry events.

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    welcome! i know @missrogue and @rosiesherry will have some great advice for you :)

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      Amazing! I have e-met @rosiesherry, but happy to learn. I'm a bit worried of becoming a wallflower here.

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