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Lots of traffic, but no conversions. E-Commerce Store Feedback Please?!?



About 9 months ago I started on online store called BEAUX ( We've been getting lots of traffic through very target specific ads, but with a 0.53% conversion rate. I would really appreciate it if you could go to my store and just see what I can improve to increase my conversion rate and my overall website.

Note: Most our customers go on our site through their smartphone.

Do you understand the product when you get to the site?
Do you understand the benefits?
Do you want to learn more or purchase?

Is there anything you see that you feel needs to be there?

Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi @Chuch_Nichols5. Your site looks great. Here is some of my feedback:

    1. Some of the text on the home page Hero image is hard to read. It is white text on a light background. It is quite hard to make out "One Frame. Endless Pictures. No Hassle".

    2. My initial reaction is that this is a sleek and minimal picture frame. So that is great.

    3. Your main focus appears to be on selling the frames. However, the pictures that go in these frames appear to be quite niche cloth prints that may not be very common. At least this is my impression. You could be better served offering a wider range of stretch fabric prints to accompany your frames. If I liked these frames for example, I might not have a picture to put into them.

    Hope this feedback helps.

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      I second all of this. My first reaction was to bounce because I can't read white text on a white background.

      And then when I figured out how it worked I wondered where do I get these fabric prints of photos without a frame? If I order a frame can I buy a new print independently and how much does that cost?

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        Yes you can. So when you go to the shop you can get a frame plus your first fabric. Then in the shop as well you can buy only the fabric for a much cheap cost. 40x60 is 225$ fro frame and graphic and then 99.99$ for a new fabric. Being compared to a canvas from costa that is 350$

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      Thank you. Someone else said something similar. Thank you for being willing to help me

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        No problem at all. I think you have a good foundation. With some small tweaks you can probably increase your conversion rate. I didn't view it on mobile, but I would also suggest making sure it is optimized correctly for mobile if that is where you get a good chunk of your traffic too. Best of Luck!

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    I agree with all the other comments about your website, but I think that the problem could very well be the quality of your traffic.

    Fo example, if you are running a traffic campaign using FB Ads, although your targeting may be accurate the algorithm would be sending browsers, not buyers to your website.

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    You're selling the wrong thing.

    I don't give a fig about frames but I do care about my pictures.

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      I assume with your product my pictures will look amazing, change as my family grows, cost less, etc.

      But all I think you want to sell me is an (expensive) frame and the pics are almost an afterthought.

      Not trying to be rude btw. I have an idea if you get back.

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        I'd love to hear more.

        Just to make sure I'm understanding. You think we are focusing too much on the frame? You think we need to focus more on the whole thing as whole.

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          Who is your target market?
          Frame lovers or picture lovers?

          I'm guessing one of the key things about your frame is that you can change the picture.

          Sounds perfect for a growing family.

          Can you not sell me a package where I get 2 or 3 images per year for 2 or 3 years or something like that.

          You would have to play with numbers for what works but would be fun to pick one on return from holiday, maybe another one for Christmas.

          And the pics are fabric right? Is the fabric good for doing something else with after? Not sure whether that would be attractive or not. But put them in the attic or make them into a cushion etc.

          So "positioning" as they say in marketing parlance.

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            Great feedback! Thank you so much

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              Not sure about the cushions but may work. But the package deals definitely worth a go. Could imagine new born/first born deals. What about clubs with teams that change every year? Best of luck. Keep us posted!

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    To be honest, after watching the video, I don't understand what exactly you are selling?
    Frames? No, it can't be put into a small box.
    A picture printed on fabric? How should it fit my frame?
    And looked like it wasn't an easy task to replace the fabric :-\

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    I only view it on mobile and there was no readability issues.

    Here's my feedback :

    • HERO IMAGE : generic looking. It does not communicate your product which is : 1 frame + swappable canvases. The image can literally work on any shopify store that sells frames.

    • MAIN HEADER : "The Only Wall Decor You'll Ever Need" :
      Still does no communicate what your product is; instead you chose a pretentious fluffy marketing claim = instant turn-off.

    • SUB HEADER : "One Frame. Swappable Fabric Prints. No Hassle." : Finally I got it. Except one thing : is it really hassle free ?.

    • No it's not hassle free. Matter of a fact it comes with a lot of hassle : Beside the $100+ I need to shell out, I need to : set the frame, set the fabric; And whenever I swap, I need to fold the old fabric and think about where to store my unused fabrics. = lot of work for busy peeps.

    • THE VIDEO : I think it's OK. I wish it was more "practical" instead of trying to get me feel warm and fuzzy. Also, since you're showing that hanging a frame can be such a family activity, I was let down by the generic picture being hanged which could've been a family picture.

    • HOW IT WORKS : this part is OK. this is where it all clicked for me.

      • typo : "When you want TO switch the image."
    • the "WHY YOU'LL LOVE BEAUX" section :

      • you're selling a physical product and you have the opportunity to display photos of the actual product in all its glory YET you're using vector minimal ICONS as if it's some kind of saas software;
      • typo : "so when you decide TO TO switch"
    • SHOP :

      • 24x36 inches ? cm ?

    OTHER points :

    • The "HOW IT WORKS" and how "WHY YOU'LL LOVE BEAUX" are fine copy wise; they answer the what/how and what "problem" is solving.
    • The issue is mainly at the top.
    • The main selling point is that I'm saving money if I buy this product : how ? how about showing me examples of how much I'll be saving ?
    • The product has a cool factor yet the visitor is welcomed with a stock image of a frame in a living room.
    • Aesthetically the landing page is pleasing, but it lacks personality, strong branding and is forgettable. People might not want to buy immediately but at least give them a reason to come back.
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    As already mentioned, the white on white is problematic.

    It would be interesting to understand how you capture your traffic in those ads. Are you sure for instance that all of the traffic is coming from countries you ship to? Are you sure it is the right audience?

    My first reaction was that this is "competing" with a digital frame. Your frames are much bigger compared to a smart display, but the price is higher and doesn't offer the same versatility. Compare to something like meural, it is cheaper but having to order new prints on somewhat regular basis would be a turn off for me.

    Also as pointed out by someone else, the first question I had was how do I get more prints, can I upload my own...

    Based on my understanding of Product Development, your headline should try and answer the problem you are trying to solve for your customers and address your unique selling point.

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    I agree with the comments so far about the text needing more contrast. The same can be said for your CTAs. Make those stand out so people immediately know what it is you want them to do.

    The other big issue I see is the copy is a bit uninspiring. Take the headline. I don't know that needing new or more wall decor at some point in time is a big pain point for most people. If the ads bring people to the page are doing their job, then you should probably mirror that messaging a bit and then build on it.

    On the product pages, there is hardly any copy at all. Don't ignore your chance to sell this. Let people know about the features and benefits. And do your best to answer any questions they may have, such as: What materials are these made out of? How much do they weigh? How long will it take to set up? Is it difficult? Are the images on the site actual examples of the fabric? Are their any closeups to see the texture? What will it look like in my home?

    Best of luck.

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    I am not sure why its the only wall decor I will ever need. It took going to the shop to understand it. Is this important? Being that wall art is cheap at many retailers. I think you need something stronger as a benefit.

    Instead, perhaps something like, "Wall Decor that Changes When You Do" with images of the art changing or people changing their wall art.

    I do not care to learn more but I do not buy wall art. My wife does. She would be confused by it. The catalogs she gets for interior design show actual images with pricing and description.

    Another issue I noticed is there is no highlight on the images available. It looks like just a surfer image is available. You need to focus on the picture changing.

    Hope this helps.

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    My 2 cents, I couldnt see your main header on your homepage as its a white font against a white background.

    Then when I clicked on shop, I was confused if I'm buying a frame with a picture, or a frame and a picture. Only when I clicked on the product further, I saw you were asking for an image too so assumed thats included.

    I'd recommend moving your "how it works" or the video of your service higher up as well

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    You could try out to try different variants and learn which one helps you convert more :).


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    I can't say if the price is too high. I do think people would be interested in this at some price (but my walls are bare, so keep that in mind ;-))

    When I first saw your page, I had 2 thoughts immediately:

    • This is a digital picture frame!
    • I can't read that text!

    I didn't understand what it was without scrolling quite a bit.

    I can think of 2 things you could do with the text, possibly combined:

    1. Show the benefit. "The only wall decor you'll ever need" might be ok for this.
    2. Just explain what it is. Once you make it readable, something like "One Frame. Swappable cloth prints." would make it immediately obvious what it is.

    Definitely play with the text, and fix the shadow so it's visible ;-)

    This article by Justin Jackson might help:

    Quick summary: Shoppers don't just see a product and decide to buy. There's an entire process hidden underneath. You need to catch them at the right moment, they need to trust you, and then you can sell to them.

    Possible options for that are growing an audience (mailing list and/or social media), retargeting later if you're running ads.

    If you've collected some e-mails, I'd highly recommend actually talking to those people. Make it casual, ask for a couple minute (even if it's an e-mail), and find out if they liked the idea, if they trusted it, and what objections they had.

    The goal is to find out if it's even interesting to them, if they'd pay for something like that, and what objections you should overcome (your home page should address these indirectly).

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    Heya Chuch,

    Apologies for such a long post.

    And I'm not in the target market. But:-

    I had a look. The website is beautiful. There's been an incredible amount of work go into it. I reckon the concept of the frame is great but it took me "too much effort" to learn what I was looking at. Once I could see what the frame is I instantly understood the applications (and am impressed by it as a solution).

    In the deep dark olden days of the Internet click counts were one way to determine the distance between your customer and their payment. It's the count of clicks your customer needs to go from your home page to what they want through to purchase. 3 clicks was about the sweet-spot for attention span to find what they were looking for. Up to 5 clicks in total to payment. This concept can be seen with Google search results. If a result is not in the top 5 someone needs to be committed to finding that particular answer. For most purposes the second page of Google may as well not exist.

    I'm on a laptop with a mouse connected.

    I didn't scroll down the home page. The beautiful image I was greeted with filled the screen and the left/right gallery scroll appeared to be the extent of what I needed. Then I went to About and on to the Blog before I watched the video. I felt I shouldn't have to watch a video to understand a picture frame.

    The feeling I got was this solution might be awesome for interior decorators who do high-end houses. When the furniture gets re-finished in a new fabric the art has to match the drapes, carpet, lamps and new paint. Your solution looks great for being able to easily replace the art, which is likely to be abstract or a particular colour palette to match the new dog or handbag. (I know someone who has purchased kitchen spatulas in a colours that match the paint, drapes, sofa, carpet, tiles, bathroom towels, linen and such).

    With respect to the blog; Why were you driving across the country talking about picture frames? work, moving house, journey of discovery for interior design, portfolio analysis for picture frame solutions, domestic abuse, drug bender? The context doesn't necessarily need to be 100% true but I wanted to know more about why that trip and that effort was both important and connected.

    I can see you've only got a couple of clicks to the product but it took me 5 clicks and some scrolling to find my way to the unboxing video. And then more to find the product. Even more to find a picture gallery of examples.

    The blog post was from January. If it's possible it'd be great to see that one "sticky" (permanent at the top) and issue some more editions or turn that post into a page on the site and make a few more blog posts. Maybe fill-in the timeline a bit more. It's great to hear about where your solution has been applied (family, friends, art galleries, cafes, gifts, local sports clubs, supermarkets, Scout groups, race tracks, offices, real estate agents, whatever). Those pics don't have to be such high production quality because they are in real life. The goofy balding guy in a tie and over-sized business shirt in front of your canvas art lends authenticity. Potentially sell a frame to them but if they simply won't budge maybe loan some out to these places. You don't want to be too out-of-pocket so maybe have them pay for the canvas but loan/lease the frame for a few months so you can keep blogging that someone new is using your frame in a new situation and you're not lying about it. In the blog post "we" don't necessarily need to know that it's only for a few weeks or months but it does need to really be there (and not just for a photo shoot).

    The stumbling blocks I've had;

    • I had to watch the unboxing to "get" what was going on,
    • Once I understood it, there was no stock art to get the inspirational juices flowing.

    For me, it might have helped to have a still-frame graphic showing the corner of a frame with the printed canvas either being peeled or installed. (When you get the $$ flowing, maybe a mouse-over on the home page picture frame example might demonstrate it. Or a cheaper way could be a mouse-over which "zooms" in on a corner of the picture frame / displaying a still-frame graphic demonstrating the track and a peeled canvas).

    I also searched for examples... Essentially stock art. Most people are not going to have an image the have taken which they're happy putting on the wall. So few people will ever take an image even closely resembling the quality of those on your website or in the sample galleries. Also "ready-made" pics are something that would remind me of a photo I took that I forgot about but I wanted to put up. If the art you've linked to is such an open licence maybe consider potential for drop-shipping some of those images in your system (limit how many and rotate them regularly, maybe every few months -- see You can have them in your shop as one-click solutions, provide citation of the source and a link in the description but support that particular image as something someone can buy right now. If you get sales off them, maybe consider going for a handful of royalty/licenced images for a small amount of exclusivity (or genuine exclusivity limited runs, "will only ever be available through us", which you can include in the pitch for those images). I'm completely fine with the IKEA London bus but I suspect the people you are trying to attract would rather suffer an extremely painful fate before letting an IKEA poster appear on the wall.

    Maybe in the future consider potential for a rotational sales pathway. People can buy new art and return the old which, if in appropriate condition, can be re-sold. Maybe only offer that on the "exclusive/limited offer" prints..? They are the ones that need to change to match the spatulas.

    If possible (I don't know how this would work), maybe consider selling limited prints in exclusive deals (using geoIP on web requests?). Basically only sell a small number of particular prints into a particular city/town/state/geographical region.

    A relative owned a wedding dress shop in a somewhat remote town. Nice dresses. On the shelf they had one in each basic style with options on customization. But exclusive. They made deals with suppliers to ensure within a certain geographical distance (~500kms) you simply couldn't get the same dress. It was guaranteed that if you bought a dress from them nobody could appear in anything similar. I'm guessing but I think "consumer art" for canvas art people is likely to be similar. Early on you can probably use the same or similar motifs (sepia stylized Eiffel Tower and, B&W London with a red bus, etc...) but they need to be "not the IKEA one". Or truly original art. Potentially local artists..

    Good luck.

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      No worries. I read every word. Thank you so much

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    The biggest issue I see: It's not really clear why your picture frames are so pricey.

    None of the pages I land on make it clear why these frames cost so much compared to other frames. If a person does not play the video, they won't have a clue and just leave.

    You may need a landing page style layout on every page - home, category and actual product pages.


    Send traffic to an actual landing page and THEN make them go to the shopping page.

    That in-between page should explain everything one needs to know about the frames and why they are so special without watching anything.

    Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions.

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      That's very true. I will work on creating a landing page. Thank you

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    To understand 'What' are your users doing on the website you can use Google Analytics. It will help a lot with technical analysis, page loading speed, user journey, sales funnel, etc.
    To know 'Why' users are doing that you can use Hotjar and setup heatmaps. Also, you can set up surveys and polls through it. It will really help.
    Also, think about removing pop-up with discount in such a short period of time. I didn't have time to check the website and you ask me to leave my email, why?? I'm not bouncing or exiting. If you need any help, write in DM.

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      I love the pop-up logic. Thank you for that insight

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    Your website looks pretty neat and beautiful to me. I agree with Jan that you need to see why users are dropping from your page. Are they bouncing or are they spending some time and then leaving. I work for Browsee ( and you can install it on your website to understand about your visitor's behavior. You can see session recordings to analyze why they dropped and you can create a heatmap for your landing page to know more about page-level issues like up to which point visitors are scrolling or on what sections they are spending most of their time on. We can also personally help you to analyze a few problems. Let me know if you wish to discuss in further details! Not to mention we are just trying to help here and will do it free of cost for you.

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      I will for sure check it out. Thank you for referring and for helping me

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    I didn't spent much time in order to keep a fresh first impression. Scanned through the images and watched a video.
    Also, I'm not familiar with other similar products so maybe my thoughts will be silly, but that's a real first impression.
    First thought was - is this some kind of digital frame that shows digital photos? (because I will not need anything else after this)
    After that, I saw the video and thought - hmm, so small box, is this some kind of foldable new tech material that works as a screen?
    Then I thought - is this a frame that you are selling or the photo prints, or screen?
    And then I thought that it looks kinda tricky to mount the picture on the frame.
    Then I saw icons with short benefits and thought - "could be washed in a washing machine" But how the frame could be washed? Or that means you're selling the prints.

    But as I said, most likely I'm not at all the right target audience, so maybe my first impression is not so valuable.

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      Thank you. Very valuable insight

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    Hi Chuch,

    Just had a quick look on your site. Looks great!

    I would be curious how good the quality of your incoming traffic is. The question behind is simple: are people looking for your specific product? If they're looking for a cheap picture at the wall, then they will stop soon.

    Do you know how people are navigating your site, and where they stop? I use (not from me) to understand how my visitors go through my site.

    You're selling an unique product. I think that's the biggest reason for the low conversion rate. It might be similar at other businesses with unique products.

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      Thank you, I will look into smart Thanks for recommending and for being willing to help

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    I think this is kind of cool. It did take me about 5 minutes to understand what it was exactly (until I watched the unboxing video). This seems like the type of product that would benefit from a video being the main explanation... either as an auto-playing video when someone loaded the page, or a playable video that encourages them to click to see how it works. The "unboxing" video (with perhaps a couple small edits) seems perfect for showing how it works. Currently this video is pretty far down your page. Also, the title should probably be "how it works", instead of "unboxing".

    Another point of confusion for me... Are you selling the frame, the fabric, both? and how I would order more. I figured it out at the end, but I had to click a bunch to understand the system.

    To recap, I think you can optimized these two things..

    1. What is it (best shown with video I think)
    2. How to order new pictures.

    I think this could improve your conversion.

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      Thank you so much. Great feedback. I'll start working on that :)