Landing Page Feedback September 24, 2020

Low conversion rate. Think you can help? 🙏🏻

DigiDaniel @DigiDaniel
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    The video being reset kind of irritated me. Maybe you could make the video slower and reverse it so it doesn't jump to the start? Make sure to add easing curves if you implement that.

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    Can there be an option to browse properties without downloading a chrome extension?
    Lol I'm actually down to browse properties but don't use Chrome

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    I personally don't like to install browser extensions that I won't use daily.

    Could you have a place on your site to just copy and paste an address and your server checks airbnb/vrbo to see if it's listed, then you return the connection speed for it if it is?

    But even if it could do that, a lot of people are working from home right now due to the pandemic.

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      Thanks for the feedback! As you suggested, I've added a section for people to enter in a vacation rental listing on a separate page:

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        Not sure if you've linked to that new page from your landing page but it's not immediately obvious to me that there's an action I can take in case I don't want to install the chrome extension.

        Maybe near one of your "Add to Chrome - It's free" ctas there could a link or button that says, "Don't want to install the chrome extension? No problem", and it links them to that new page.

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