Lukewarm emails

I'm looking to start sending out some cold emails, and I'm looking for a automation tool for this if possible.

I'd love it if the tool had options to personalize the content of the email since I'm looking to try to have that personal connection and not just spam out irrelevant emails.

Do you have any recommendations for tools that can help automate this flow?

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    Common challenge that founders face!

    Here are the tools I recommend in my Sales for Founders course (none of them pay me in any way to recommend them)...

    • TryPigeon.co - a simple, easy to use CRM tool that allows you to personalise and schedule multiple emails (incl follow ups etc) from inside your Gmail. Made by fellow IHer @patwalls, Pigeon is very fairly priced and does everything you need when you're just getting started out.

    • Woodpecker.co - all Woodpecker does is let you schedule automated, personalised email sequences. No CRM, no frills - but in terms of functionality, deliverability and important features (like conditionality on opens, timing of email sends based on timezone etc) Woodpecker is the best tool for the job (and at a fair price) hands down.

    • Close.com - Close is actually a CRM not an email sending tool. But it happens to include an amazing email sequence tool (which allows personalisation etc) for free alongside the core CRM software. And - because the CRM and email sequence part work so well together - this is hands down my favourite tool for any serious indie hacker or sales person looking to do outbound sales.

    If you have any questions about outbound or personalising emails, feel free to shoot me an email or ask here - happy to help :)

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      Thanks for the shoutout!

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      Thank you very much for the detailed answer! I'll def. shoot any questions I might have your way :)

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    I'm right now trying lemlist.com; so far, it works very well. I was considering between it and Woodpecker, but lemlist has a bit friendlier pricing on low amounts. Also, I like their communication style

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      Thanks for the recommendation!

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    I use mailmeteor.com, also an indie hacker.

    Can do what you want, but you'll need Gmail.

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      Interesting approach! I like that they have a free plan, I might give it a shot :)

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    I have just started using Mailshake to do something similar to ur needs.

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      How are you liking it?

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        It's been great for what I need. I think it'll become even better as my email volume increases. I'm just now testing a few campaigns and the stats are nice. The cadence is nice. I like being able to send only 1 or 2 emails per hour. Every other option can only do schedule bulk, like 50 at one time, or 250 at one time.

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          That does sound great! :)

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