Looking to Partner Up May 10, 2020

Machine learning / Data expert looking for someone with AI startup ideas


Hey, I've spent the last several years learning and executing tons of AI implementation. I'm now working in AI/Data at Apple in silicon valley, but I'm wanting to branch out and begin working on my own projects. I'd love to team up with someone who has ideas, I'm 100% technical but in an ideas rut. Please feel free to message or email me for a chat, bonus points if you're in the bay area (though not essential).

[email protected]


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    Hi Rory.,
    We are in development of mobile application called Beauty Connect , Ai integrated app please check our website https://beautyconnect.in/. please contact further info

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    Hey Rory! I'm in a similar place to you - I'm an engineer who's taking a break now from freelance work to focus on improving my machine learning skills and creating a product.

    I'm also 100% technical though, but maybe there's something we could learn from each other! I'd love to chat 🙂

    Do you have Discord, Telegram, or something like that?

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    I started a project called SQL Camp (http://www.sqlcamp.ca). I entered it in a Pioneer tournament and am making progress every week. Dont pay much attention to the landing page I'm currently rebuilding it, also giving a free autoresponder course I put together on data science. Have some great plans for it but it's a lot of work to get it going, creating content.

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    I have a few ideas using AI Image Classifiers to classify someones body composition based on training data with both before/after pictures and their corresponding body fat%. Another one would be called LazyFit which would help people lose weight by capitalizing on NEAT and small yet consistent nutritional nudges based on the time of day they usually begin snacking or spend a prolonged amount of time sitting

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      This is interesting, can you send me an email please? [email protected]

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        just sent!

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    Hey Man, I'm a private equity guy at heart but tech is a passion of mine -I have led many M&A acquisitions for a family office. I'm looking to partner with an AI based engineer to solve the world's most complex problems(In today's market). I have some ideas, would be opening to sharing them with you via call, I'm always motivated to meet like-minded individuals. We can start by connecting on LinkedIn and we can go from there.

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      Adding you now.

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    We're based in India, building an AI heavy sales analytics software. If it's up your alley lets connect