Made my course "Become a WordPress Developer" free

Hi all, due to this current situation, many of us will stay at home the whole day. And if someone have ever wanted to learn about WordPress developer, this course might help you understand it a bit better.


The course is usually $47 + VAT, but with the coupon code QUARANTINE, you'll get it for free (lifetime).

This course was done before 5.x so there is no Gutenberg-related coding but I do think of adding 1-2 examples of developing with blocks just to get you started.

If you want to know about what you'll see being developed:

  • Simple theme from scratch to learn the basics
  • HTML to WP
  • Contact Form development (PHP and AJAX)
  • Simple plugin to show a custom content under a chosen page/post
  • Food Menu plugin - enter food with price, build your menu on the front, save it and submit it to the "restaurant"
  • Events plugin - selling tickets through WooCommerce + ACF development

Currently, there is about ~16-17hours of content, so you are sure to sit and learn for a few days :D

To all those that will go through it, have fun!

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