October 17, 2020

Magic Crystal Ball for Founders

Dave Young @Davey

Over many years I've come to realize that I'm very good at a few things. Cooking pot roast, karaoke, hacking together code... and startup modeling!

Every time I am thinking about building something new, I create a model of it in a spreadsheet. I research and plug-in numbers to see if the idea meets my goals and is potentially viable. The more viable the idea is, the more detail I add, until I have eliminated enough risk to proceed, or realize the idea doesn't fit my needs/resources.

The Secret to My Success
My greatest successes have come from well-validated models, and my failures have come from not modeling, ignoring the validation results, or not validating the numbers at all! A few years ago, I used a tightly built model to validate a massive opportunity and turn a $40k investment into over a million $. That was really fun!

If your numbers are validated well enough, traction is a natural evolution of executing on the plan, with the model being your targets KPIs!

Eating my Own Dogfood!
I've used this process to put together pitch decks and secure angel investment for a few different projects in the past, and just went through the process again as I'm out hunting for angel investment for a well-validated project.

So I'm Launching the Course!
I'm launching a course shortly on startup modeling for founders. I show you how to establish the important numbers and give you all the various formulas to answer a hundred little questions. I also give you a complete working sheet you can play around with, or reference.

For the next week-ish, I'm running a pre-launch offer price. If you are in need of a crystal ball for your startup idea or would like to know how to put together the important numbers every startup needs, please consider signing up :)

Check out the Startup Modeling for Founders Course

I've just put together a simple offer pipeline in Kajabi for a course I'm releasing in a week. Sales page and checkout page. I'm building the course in Kajabi as well and using their automations/CMS instead of coding everything myself. If you don't want to sign up for the course but feel inclined to provide feedback on the promo video, offer page, etc. Please DO!

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    $50 is too low IMO. Charge more!

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      I agree, and reserve the right to do the “or higher” pricing :) Thanks JP!

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