Newsletter Crew June 30, 2020

Mailchimp or Substack?

Taishi Kato @taishi

Hi indie hackers!!

I am Taishi from Vancouver, Canada.

I have been writing a few newsletters with Mailchimp since last year.
And these days I am curious about Substack.

Is Substack better than Mailchimp?
What part of Substack is better if so?
Should I switch to it?

Any opinion is welcomeūüėĀ

Thank you in advance.

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    Hey @taishikato!

    I can share my experience. I moved from Substack to Mailchimp.

    When I joined Substack I liked how it was suited to long-form content. My original newsletter was meant for publishing personal essays. After I launched my first digital product this year (an ebook), I realized that Substack wasn't the right platform for maintaining an email list, for a few reasons:

    • Branding: The branding of the newsletter was the same as with all Substack newsletters. I wanted more control of that.
    • Promoting/selling: The recipients of my Substack newsletter didn't fit my customer profile, so it didn't make sense for me to use this platform for that.
    • Subscription model: Your entire archive is visible to anyone who has the link to your Substack, so running promotions for free subscribers didn't make sense. But I didn't want to offer paid subscriptions, either.
    • Marketing automations: You can't build out funnels or create segments in Substack.

    If the newsletter itself is a product you're selling, Substack is a good way to do this given its entire business model is to help creators make money from newsletter subscriptions.

    If you're interested in building a mailing list and are keen on marketing automations, an email service provider like Mailchimp is a good way to go. Another alternative to Mailchimp is ConvertKit, which has gained significant traction among bloggers and other content creators.

    Hope this helps!

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      Hi, @radiomorillo !
      Thank you for your comment!

      I just wanna publish my weekly newsletter, thus the simple app is enough for me.
      Maybe Substack for me??

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        If it's just a weekly newsletter and if you don't mind non-subscribers having access to it (in other words it's not totally "exclusive, subscriber only" content), then Substack is a good choice. :)

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          Thank you!!

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    Sorry for the shameless self post, but I just (5 minutes ago) launched Maildown, which I'm also targeting at dev newsletter creators. You can check it out here: The idea is simple - its just an email API that lets you quickly create and send beautiful emails using markdown.

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      Hey @chrys_davies, the hero image on your website does not load, and I don't see any icon either. I thought it would be useful for you to know it :)

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        yep, forgot to commit the assets to git... total amateur. Anyway, its back up now....

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      Hey, @chris_davies. Thank you for letting me know!!
      I will check it out.