Make sure you have opt-in forms on every page of your website

Add an opt-in form to every page of your website to dramatically improve your conversion rates.

Jason Swett of CodeWithJason.com ($200/mo) discovered this inadvertently with a previous product. After originally adding these opt-ins to every page, he removed them without suspecting it would matter. His conversions dove by as much as 50% for four months before he put the form back on every page and saw his sales pick back up again. Though other variables may have also influenced his sales, he's confident the calls to action were the primary factor.

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  1. 2

    Pardon my ignorance. What’s an opt in form in this context?

    1. 3

      When you ask the visitor their email address in and promise for example updates etc. Opt-in because they opt-in to get the email, compare to opt-out when they get it default and they have to say no in order to unsubscribe (rarely applicable in blogging context).

      1. 1

        and what's the best way?
        1 Position: static, top, middle or bottom? slide-in, from which direction? or interstitial, after how many secs?
        2. Which cta is the best?

        1. 1

          I don’t know what would work for your case, you have to few of these variations. You have to have large enough sample to do it effectively. I would start a simple static signup form at the and of pages/articles.

    2. 2

      What he said :) Thanks for chiming in, @szferi - spot on. And thanks @shawnjavadi for asking, it's a good question.

  2. 1

    OT: how is your newsletter going? happy with the traction? what mailing saas do you use?

    1. 1

      It's going great :) We're on ConvertKit and we like it a lot

  3. 2

    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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