March 14, 2019

Make the process of finding newsletters better

Jeff Doan @jefff

Recently released this new site:

I built this because finding great newsletters can be better. Even in 2019, email isn't going anywhere, and newsletters are a great way to consume content you might not otherwise ever find.

I'd appreciate any feedback (good or bad) about this here. Needs a lot more content and eventually a more robust filtering / preference system, but it's a start.


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    Love the idea Jeff. I would go one step further and get people to sign up on your service.
    Have you looked at etc

    1. 1

      Heya, thanks for the feedback here; much appreciated! Yes, I think building a digest portion also makes sense, and will be working on that soon -- want to focus on adding more content to the site as well.

      But thank you for the feedback!

    2. 1

      Hi @Naveen, I am building, so that curators can easily send newsletters, build their own brand and audience.

      Would be great if you can check it out. All ears 👂 for any feedback or criticism. :)

  2. 1

    Hi Jeff, Loved the simple and sleek design! Would be nice to have a bit more content.

    Also i have added my own newsletter DevKit.

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback here -- yes, adding a lot more content is something I am actively doing =)

      I realized when launched it wouldn't have nearly enough, but wanted to get it out too.

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    Hey Jeff - nice domain url!

    Only suggestion is it's clear the focus is on business/professional newsletters, at least now. I'd be more explicit about that - it'll help conversions and positioning.

    1. 2

      Much appreciated! I just added your two on here too =)

      Re: your suggestion -- it's certainly filled more so with business/professional items now, but that's just due to me finding more time to add other types.

      I want to add more DIY, parenting, etc. that are less like the others -- but your point is well said.

      Thank you again!

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