April 22, 2019

Makers: do you work remote?

David Matheson @mathesond2

Doing some research on my next career move and wondering how many makers out there work remote as a means to have time for their own products?

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    I have been working remotely for the last 6 years (from Chile with clients in Germany). It took some time until I felt I had all the necessary skills (studied ui/ux design 10 years ago, started working at the front-end, last couple of years mostly backend) to build my own products. From the beginning, but now even more so, I value the flexibility, freedom and independence working remotely. I've started building products recently and launched my first one last week: https://luftlust.com

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    I built up my entire business remotely. Wouldn't have been possible otherwise. It was mostly me for the first few years, now there's a team of 10 who are all remote, mostly UK based.

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    'Been living in SE Asia since 2010. It started as a means to get a project done ... and then it turned into "I guess I live here now".

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    Currently consulting - work from home, nobody to answer to but myself (way harder than it sounds given a million possible distractions).

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    Work remote? Work on what remotely? Remote from where? :)

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    Hi David, I've been working fully remote for the past year, and was doing part remote before that. It wasn't just so I have time to work on pet projects, though.

    Main reasons for going remote, in no particular order:

    • take back the time I was losing to commuting (at least ten hours per week)
    • give myself more flexibility for family responsibilities, travel and plenty of other smaller things
    • reduce stress level
    • save on travel expenses

    I'm not working on any projects at the moment but a couple of things I worked on last year were only possible because I had switched to fully remote work and gained the benefits above. It has its downsides (less human interaction, can be difficult to focus, smaller job market, etc) but I find they're far outweighed by the positives.

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    I have been working remotely for the whole of my career.

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    I started working remotely 4 months ago for a media production house based In Egypt. I am from Nigeria.

    I must say it's a dream come through as I can now dictate my time. I work best from 9pm-6am and you can't have a schedule like that working in an office where you have to resume by 8am. It's weird though when I am going to bed at 6am and my neigbour is preparing to go to work.. It is definitely a plus with starting a side projects. I have launched festivilia.com, investo.com.ng and they are both thriving.

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    I've been working remote for ~7 years. I started working in Massachusetts for a company in DC and then moved to Maine. Our decision to move, and me be remote, was to be closer to our families (my partner and me with our kids).

    I'm not sure I'd be able to go back to working in an office the way I used to though. I enjoy my schedule and setup way too much for that. It has made a big difference in my life.

    I can't say that it's the reason I work on a side project, but it helped motivate the side project as a way to mitigate some risk involved in job hunting and the likes. However, I'm working on my side project because I really enjoy it.

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    Have consulting gigs, all remote. Live in Chiang Mai, so don't have to work too much on customers projects.

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    I've been working remotely on my own products for over 2 years now and love it. It definitely helps with focus, but I've found that moving around too is very disruptive to productivity, best to stay in 1-2 locations for longer periods.

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    I work remote doing hardware and firmware for tangible physical products. I can pull off going almost anywhere if it's just firmware. For hardware, I generally need my power supplies, etc.

    Depends on what you're making!

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    I did start to work remotely four months ago. I did use my own company to run some local services experiments and at the same time have a "full-time" job as a Product Engineer.

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    Definitively prefer remote work. I needed to commute for a year lately and it proved that I do not enjoy commute in general. Even though it is really nice train.

    Meanwhile, I do not think remote work affects "having time for their own products". Reduced hours do.

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    The best designers and dev will all work remote