October 9, 2019

Making a tough decisions

Do you have any strategies or methods you use when making a tough decision?

I'm at the point in my career and personal life that I have some great opportunities to choose from, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by the options and weight of the decision.

How do I help myself think clearly and make a great decision?

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    Follow your heart and what will help you grow more as a person.

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      Simple and to the point. I like it.

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    Ask yourself lots of questions and write down the answers. What can go right? What can go wrong? Can I live with it if it goes wrong? What am I not seeing? What must be true for xyz to be the right decision?

    Does? Can? If? Why? How? When? Where? Who? Will?

    And so on...

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      Agreed. I think you can never ask yourself too many questions. It really helps pull out thoughts and info you wouldn't have thought about otherwise.

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    Hi Mark,

    I highly advise that you make a decision that would move you closer to what you want in life. This might be the hard part. Once you know this, you'll find that deciding between options will be much easier.

    To make and objective decision use a decision matrix. This blog post should be helpful. (https://blog.toggl.com/decision-matrix/)

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      That's a good point. What do I want to accomplish or move closer to because of this decision? I appreciate the advice and link!

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    I often take a "wisdom of the crowds" approach. Get the inputs and suggestions of as many people as you can. Then, weight each opinion appropriately (including your own), based on how much you trust the person, how much you think they know, etc. This approach seems to give me a much broader perspective on the decision.

    It's a little like how basic neural networks make decisions, if that's something you're familiar with.

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      I'm usually wary of asking for advice from people who don't have skin in the game or who will not be affected by the decision. I do like the idea of weighing the advice from each person differently because that would help combat that.

      I'm familiar with neural networks to a small degree, but I can understand the methodology.

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        Exactly; that's a great example! If you're so wary that you don't ask at all, you automatically weight their opinion to 0, which may make you lose out on information.

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