Making it super easy for anyone to create storybooks for their kids (NOCODE) - anyone interested in partnering up?

I'm trying to create a series of personalised storybooks for my 2 year old to help her expand her vocabulary & learn concepts that will empower her to interact with the world more meaningfully.

I've written a very simple book to start & keen to write more but want to try convert this first story into:

  • an e-book (accessible on my tablet), then be able to add animations/ interactivity/ audio (so it feels more game like)
  • possibility to print it using sustainable printing providers etc

I've been extensively searching for existing solutions but simply can't find something that let's me do this easily. If you know of any, really appreciate the heads up so I avoid spending more energy on this than I need to.

I'm willing to invest money for design work for these books & in converting into slick interactive e-books.

If we can also turn this into a venture that meaningfully helps other parents easily create their own content for kids even better. Have tons of ideas for what features I'd like this platform to have & happy to share.

If able to help me create some quality storybooks for my kids, grateful to hear from you & explore ways to also make our work something that may benefit other parents too.

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    Are you aware of Ren'Py (https://www.renpy.org/)? It's similar to what you are describing and is open source (https://github.com/renpy/renpy). I wouldn't say it's no-code though. Maybe low-code. It would be a good project to turn it into no-code, maybe using an interface like Scratch.

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      Thanks Kamal.

      This seems to have potential & will dig deeper.

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    Quick update on the project:

    Here's a storybook I recently created for my daughter using Google slides, searching google images for relevant clip art, converted into a PDF & read it to her via iBooks on the iPad:  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1ruGjNIzBDNpwc14rJYf_BHz9UvO4Dvy_e6CXcMgnVH4/edit?usp=sharing

    She absolutely loved it, engaging with it really well & helping her better understand her daily routine. I'm creating more stories that can help her learn more words, concepts, numbers etc in a way that's far more personalised and relatable to her.

    I want to make the creation process significantly easier (especially in terms of template stories to personalise/ customize both via text & illustrations) while being able to animate, gamify & print best stories.

    Here's an app I'd like to model in terms of how I'd like to animate & gamify these stories to boost engagement via quizzes & interactivity: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/storytime-from-cbeebies/id891730883

    I also want to print out the books she engages best with for < $30.

    Welcome any thoughts/ suggestions.

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    https://micuento.com/ that’s one of the most popular pages from Spain. They offer the customization and they send it to your home. They are traditional books but customized.

    Will love to hear more about your project.

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    I love the idea Mandeep! We have the same problem (3 year old at home, can't go to library anymore). Do you want to chat? Please email me at tvjoshi AT gmail.

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