Ideas and Validation January 21, 2020

Manage Or Near Offer

Ben @hapiben

I'm not sure if there's something similar already.

I've been selling a lot recently. Some stuff that I don't use anymore. Clothes, shoes, bikes and other stuff.

The idea is to build a web app that allows you to make a listing and share it with the buyers for them to make an ONO (Or near offer).

I can see that this can be useful if you're selling your car or house and you want to get the best price as possible.

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    Where do the buyers come from? This will be the biggest challenge.
    There's a big difference between cars/houses and smaller items like clothes.

    What problem are you trying to solve?
    What do people use currently? (I mostly use Facebook marketplace for selling low value items, it use to be Gumtree and Ebay).

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      I was thinking to put a link in the description for an FB marketplace post.

      Sometimes, when I post an item and there are heaps of inquiries and offers, I lost track of them. I'll open all FB messages to check who has the highest offer.