August 8, 2019

Managing servers while growing

Krishnan @krishnan_ubuntu

I have seen everyone talk about growth and starting getting customers etc.

How do you manage your servers and the connections. Most of the time with growth the default config values are no longer required. How do indiehackers manage it.

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    I would suggest building your application on a true cloud platform. This makes it easier to scale up (and down!) when needed. But this might have a learning curve. You could also choose a managed service provider to take care of this for you.

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      Yes, I have gone ahead with a managed service provider.

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    Depends on the stack you are using.
    For Laravel both Forge and Cloudways work pretty well. You don't have to worry to much about maintenance with those.

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      Okay. Have not tried Cloudways and Forge. Will learn more about them.

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    Some learning curve is involved, but I'm an advocate for learning whatever "Just give us your code" services your provider offers. Let them figure out your scaling.

    Google Cloud - App Engine
    AWS - Elastic Beanstalk
    Heroku - Something maybe, never really got into it.

    However, if you go this route then scaling isn't really the issue, but keeping costs in check can be.

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      Yes keeping cost in check is a real problem. I have used Google App Engine and Cloud SQL in the past and with very few customers the monthly bill would be huge. EC2 did not help me much. Have not tried Heroku and Beenstalk.

      I feel "just give us your code" services offer convenience but then the monthly bills are huge.

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    We're a server monitoring company so internally we use our own product mostly. But for checking our own systems we use

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    This comment was deleted 3 months ago.

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      We are not running at a massive scale but have a real good amount of users using the software and there is some real load.

      Keeping the server costs with in budget is really important for us.

      As of now we do not have issues but have faced in the past. We are now with a managed service provider so things are good.

      However I have bookmarked your site to get in touch with you later.

      The intention behind this question was to see if someone has played with the settings or configs to optimize their servers.