March 12, 2019

Managing time vs managing your energy? 🧠⌛

Anthony Castrio @AntCas

Like many splitting their efforts between freelance and bootstrapped projects, I struggle to find balance and make sure both are moving forward.

It's not that it's hard for me to find the time for both, it's more that it's hard to find the energy for both. I'm out of brain juice after 4-5 hours of coding on a freelance project, but I want to be able to work on my bootstrapped projects too.

Anyone else deal with this? What do you do to maintain your mental energy?

PS: Worldwide is tomorrow 🌎🌍🌏

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    On your avatar you look young and healthy, you should be able to do more than 4-5 hours.

    1. Check your motivation? Do you enjoy this work? Is it the work you want to do?
    2. Check your diet (reduce alcohol intake, and junk food)
    3. Make sure you exercise properly, I suggest at least 4 hours of sport where you lose your breathe (i am no expert)
    4. Check the quality of your sleep: I found that I have a light sleep, and using earplugs and valerian root pills made a huge difference.
    5. Hack yourself: take a cold shower, meditate, play some intense video game, etc... to wake you up after a day of work
    6. Hack your motivation: your side project should have users as soon as possible, this way you wont rely only on your own motivation, you will need to sort things out for your users.
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    Managing your energy has a lot more to do with the body than with the mind.

    Get your body right: work out, have a good sleep, limit junk food, limit alcohol.

    Get your mind right: limit social media, limit reading, watching or listening of anything, even educational during work hours.

    Few hacks: Take nap between freelance projects and your personal project, have a workout between the projects, don't eat after 6pm, lower caffeine as much as possible it gives you energy but shortens the daily workspan in my experience.

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    Very strict timeboxing

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    Try to reverse your priorities, work on personal project before client work.

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    Have you read The Power of Full Engagement? If not, I highly recommend it.