Map of Reddit 🗺 with Street view recently added

Huge props to the incredible Anvaka, this project is really awesome. I personally use it to find subs I love and engage in the community there (it helped me find all the THPS subreddits I did not exists - from my r/OldSkaters favorite sub).

Map of Reddit

I particularly love this view where you can see that Programming stands between Crime and Art 😅
Reddit map

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      You’re welcome,
      But I am not the one to be thanked for 😅 you should share some love to Anvaka (starring is réponse can be cool I think)

  1. 2

    +1 for separating continents!
    First I thought, its WIP. But later realized.

    1. 1

      Haha, I find this funny that these two continents are separated - no frontier whatsoever.

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    Following the share of Reddit search from @channingallen

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