Marketing for tech startups

I have read that many saas startups struggle with marketing and growing the initial build into a scaleable product.

Marketing is my skillset having grown 3 businesses into £5million t/o and am wondering if there are any platforms to connect marketers with founders to collaborate?

I am actively looking at the moment as my main business is in travel and has been hit by COVID and am keen to get my teeth into a growth project. We have looked at purchasing opportunities but the asking prices are out of our range so wondering of there are any platforms we may have missed - or have I uncovered an opportunity?!

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    Hi! I don't know any platform that does that but I'm interested!
    I work for an Saas startup and indeed, growing our users' base is challenging. As we are scaling up in particular times, we try to find the right acquisition channels to meet our targeted groups.
    Happy to discuss with you!

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      I'll send you a message..

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    Target groups on multiple platform focused on Travelling and Hiking. Reach to travel vloggers.

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