Looking to Partner Up May 11, 2019

Marketing is done, now I just need a Developer / Cofounder!


I'm a Marketing guy so fortunately I was able to build an audience and now I have my own communities. However I'm struggling to create and develop new ideas since I'm not a developer, so I guess this is the time to look for a developer/cofounder.

Let me know if you are interested. #looking-for-cofounder

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    I have few questions:

    1. What are you expecting from a developer/cofounder?

    2. What's your compensation package?

    3. What niche is your community?

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      Thanks for you questions:

      1. Ideas and development for new projects.
      2. A 50% of the project or a payment fee for the project.
      3. The niche is gaming but I'm open to other niches.
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        Awesome! I can help. Will email you at justpaulo[@]gmail, is that your active email?

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          Sure you can use that email.

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            i'm also interested, wait for mine too.

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              Sure! :)

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    I am a developer and might be able to help you out with your project.

    Let me know if you are interested and still looking.

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    Hey.. I'm the inverse and we might be able to just collaborate and share ideas. You can help me with marketing suggestions and I can help you with technical advice.