Growth February 25, 2020

Marketing Mentor


Hi Folks, I am the CEO of a young health tech Saas startup. I am focused on developing my understanding and capability to lead our marketing efforts. I have been trying to find a marketing mentor for a little while but have not been able to find the right person. Any hints or tips on the best way to find a marketing mentor? Anyone here interested in sharing there experience and wisdom?


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    Try Growth Mentor. It’s a platform providing 1:1 mentoring for entrepreneurs starting and growing their own businesses. You can find many startup and growth marketing mentors that have proven experience in their fields. Check this out »

    I’m also on the platform. Happy to jump on a virtual coffee »

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      Thanks Felix!

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    I feel you.
    As the others recommended GrowthMentor here, I also had a great experience with it.

    When you're stuck and not sure what to do next in terms of lead gen, what channels to use etc., there are so many cool SaaS mentors that have successfully dealt with this and can help you out with relevant advice.
    One-two 30-min calls and you'll have a much clearer picture on what you need to do in terms of marketing. Good luck!

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      Thanks Daniil, great feedback!

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    Since you are a SaaS CEO, this article will be right up your alley

    As for the wisdom aspect of your question, this might help

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      Thanks Jess, will have a read : )

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    As @rosiesherry has already pointed out, my site could be a good way to get looking, try this page:

    As others have pointed out, GrowthMentor is a great alternative too. On MentorCruise the focus is more on recurring, longterm mentorship. Whatever floats your boat!

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    Reach out to @harrydry

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    I signed up to MentorCruise as a mentor, might be worth a look -

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      Thanks Rosie, I will check it out : )

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    Hey Frewy,
    I'm the co-founder of a mentor matching platform called OneUpOneDown. We make near-peer matches, so match mentees with a mentor who's just a couple of steps ahead in specific areas of professional and/or personal development. At the moment our platform is specifically for women in business in tech. If this is relevant to you, signing up could be a great way to find a mentor (it's free at this time). If it's not, I can offer some advice on how to find a mentor.

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      I just shared this with a couple "women in STEAM" orgs on Twitter:

      Also, FYI the website footer still says 2019.

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        Thank you on both accounts!

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      Thanks Natalie, very cool website and concept! Would you consider extending the service to a very grateful male?

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        Not at this stage, I'm sorry. I'll send you a message and see if I can help you find someone suitable, especially given we're basically neighbours :)

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        Maybe even one from the same little island : )