Landing Page Feedback August 6, 2020

Massive Pivot: Looking for Feedback on New Landing Page


Hi everybody! Thank you for the wonderful feedback on PopQuote! The feedback really went beyond the landing page (in a great way) and I used some of the underlying technology to pivot. Looking for feedback on my new page . Thank you so much again IH community for your previous feedback on my landing page :)

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    So you help coders transform and visualize TODOs via a web platform?

    I would say the headlines is kind of confusing. Took me quite a long time to grasp the gist of it or maybe not? Make your TODOs do something, like do what exactly?

    I mean if it is just a dashboard to visualize Todos then it is not Todos doing something isn't it? More like "One place to manage all your TODOs that you probably never do!"

    Try A/B test your headlines to see if there are improvement on your conversions. https://howuku is a free tool to help you test, personalize and optimize your website conversions.

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      I stared at the Comments animation for quite a long time to figure out what it does, ended up doesn't explained much, it's just TODO presented in different languages.

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        Thanks for the feedback. Yes I was trying to get the point across of multiple languages and syntax, with different opcodes (Qwoka note types). Do you think this was missed?

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    I like the design and I understand the concept. I think you need a video explaining how it works.

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      I think a video would be very helpful. I'll look into this. Thank you!

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    I think your tool has a lot of potentials. I am sure this can be very useful for dev teams. Great work and LP did what it suppose to do, explain to me what problem you are trying to solve.

    What can be improved IMHO, is you can try to create another headline and start with Problem, and later show the Solution.

    Example: Your todos are often forgotten and neglected? -> We help you to track your todos in organized discussions.

    This also might not be perfect, just wanted to give you another angle you can look from.

    At the end Do A/B testing and see what works best in your case. Keep up with good work.

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      Thank you for the wonderful feedback and seeing the value! I like the idea about changing the headline.

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    I like it.
    The navigation has too much padding on mobile.
    Are you using Bulma?

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      Hi yes I am using Bulma. I'll take a look. Thanks for the feedback!

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    I can see the value of this - but why isn't this a Github/Gitlab plugin off-the-bat? Is this a standalone system? Why?

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      The external system can surface notes and TODOs from multiple languages and repositories, initially supporting Gitlab and Github

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    Most of the time a tool like Qwoka will create issues in a bug tracker - see for instance You're clearly planning something larger than that by storing them in your own system. The landing page should make it clear where you are going with this.

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      Thank you for the feedback! I'll take this into consideration

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    there's a bug when scrolling, I see the nav bar twice

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    Like the concept but as others have said. TODOs are often part of a larger work planning exercise.

    Think of your sprint backlog, todos are technical debt and should be surfaced by TRELLO, JIRA, ASANA or whatever the team uses to track ad-hock work.

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