Meet me and indie hackers 1-to-1

A week or so ago @nabati put out a 1-to-1 meetup request, I signed up and had a great conversation with Poyan.

In 2021 I'd like to do more of this.

So, here you can book some time with me:

And I'd encourage you to self organize your own chats and leave a comment below with a booking link. 😇

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    Honestly, I encourage everyone reading this thread to reach out with 1 or 2 other indiehackers and arrange a chat. Connecting face-to-face (in 'real life' or over video) is a game-changer. Easily the best part of IndieHackers for me has been those I've 'met' over video, either 1:1, in one of Rosie's meetups, or in Anthony's IndieWorldwide meetups.

    This is also why ' communities like WeekendClub and are so powerful.

    ps. this is also how I started my 2nd mastermind group when I was a member of Fizzle... I posted in the Fizzle forum: 'want to be in a mastermind?' with a short outline of who I was/what I was working on, and then followed up with 1:1 chats with those who responded. Our group that formed ended up meeting over video for over a year.

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    If anyone's on the fence, I strongly suggest you try it out. I think it's a wonderful opportunity to share some ideas, get some new perspectives and simply connect with other people that are interested in the same things as you are.

    Also, I find that 1o1 meets often have another quality to them than you would find when you meet in larger groups.

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    Great idea! If anyone wants to chat about startup operations, funding or brainstorm ideas around traffic generation, feel free to book some time here: https://meetings.hubspot.com/catherine113/intro-call

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    Thanks for starting this Initiative, Rosie. Just booked a session with you in Feb.

    If anybody wants to book a session with me, here is my link https://calendly.com/harishgarg/30min

    Happy to talk about Indie Hacking, Building products with OpenAI API or anything else.

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    This is a fantastic idea! I'd love to talk to more indie founders 🚀


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    Ah great idea! If anyone wants to talk about the differences between hardware and software I can give you my perspective having worked at several hardware companies at different scales (most notably Fitbit):

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    Awesome... just scheduled. Looking forward to talk about community building

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    That sounds awesome, I'd like to book something with you @rosiesherry to bounce some ideas off of you.

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    Just scheduled - a quick video call is the best way to strengthen relationships :)!

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    Scheduled. Its funny that I use same stack Calendly + Whereby for long time.

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    Great Rosie, I'd similarly start 1o1 too. Looking fwd to our meet in Feb. Thanks!

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    This is great. Looking forward to our 1-to-1 in late Feb. So cool. What link exactly do you want us to share?

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      If you are up for doing 1-to-1 meetups too, I thought people could add Calendly (or something similar) links here in the comments.

      The other option is just to create a post about it like I and @nabati have.

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