Mental Health communities?

Hi all, I love indiehackers and I'm wondering if anyone knows of similarly structured online communities that focus on mental health? My product will teach people to overcome depression and I'd like to get active in other relevant communities. Thanks!

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    Maybe something like this one https://forums.osmihelp.org/ But I'm not sure it has a lot of t]people there.
    Also I'm wondering what does your product do? Does it help to overcome depression in a colloquial sense of the word or in it's cleaning meaning?

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      Hi Alex, right now I'm working on building up my email subscribers/following, then my plan is to create an online course giving people the tools to break their cycle of depression. I'll be compiling all of the exercises and knowledge that I personally used to get myself out of depression. Hope that answers your questions!

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        Just noticed that there was an autocorrection error in my previous comment. I've meant to ask whether you mean depression in a clinical sense or in a colloquial sense?

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    Hi Katarina👋I'm working on a project to help mentors build a community where they are mentoring to their mentees.

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    Sounds like a cool product.

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    +1 to the Reddit recommendation.
    I'd also do a search for relevant Facebook Groups. Go here to search and explore: https://web.facebook.com/groups/

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    There might be some on reddit.

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