No-Code March 5, 2020

Mentor wanted to start Africa's first No-code agency.🤷🏼‍♀️

nadia mutoni @nanatoni

Hi guys,

My name is Nadia and I live in Belgium, but I was born in Rwanda.

I think No-code represents a huge opportunity for Africa because the unemployment rate is so high; with No-code you can easily learn how to build products and create jobs. The social impact element is important to me.

Would any of you bright minds be kind enough to help me launch a No-code agency in Africa?

I am currently in Rwanda and any help would be much appreciated🙂.

Thanks a bunch,

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    I'd like to thank all of you for the feedback, calls, talks, DMs, emails that we exchanged these last few months.
    I have really enjoyed the journey so far!
    @Kinj28 I'll reach out to you this week :)

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    Would love to support your initiative. We offer free training and consultancy sessions for our partners at
    DronaHQ - is a No-code App development platform (for building business/workplace apps). Do explore DronaHQ and let me know if you would like to discuss on partnership opportunities.

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      Hi Kinj28,
      I will check DronaHQ out, I think it's the first time I am hearing about it.

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        :) There are many business apps built on the platform.
        You can use this platform to offer following solutions to customers:

        • custom CRM solutions
        • Inspection & Quality control Apps
        • Leave & Attendance tracking App
        • Internal Communication & Training Apps
        • Sales force enablement Apps
        • CPG & Retail Merchandising App
        • Inventory Management
        • Asset Tracking Apps and many more

        Do explore it!

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    Hi Nadia, I'm pretty new here and definitely open to this offer. Hit me up, let's talk [email protected]

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    Fantastic Nadia,

    Glad we share the same goal.

    also have been also thinking of setting up an agency here in Accra,Ghana as well but I figured i want to master at least one platform or build a solution with one of the platforms say bubble or adalo before doing that.

    currently working on a remote job board and community for Africans and Asians using bubble of course( my first project though) whiles learning bubble.

    If you want to learn bubble , these are some of the resources I found helpful and use personally.

    1. is Bubble?

    2. ' Coaching no code apps' by Gaby Ramon's Channel

    3. 'no logo' channel

    4. courtesy @bentossell

    5. and of course the bubble forum

    I will be available if you need me.

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      Yoofi let's connect, we're up and running :)

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      Hi Yoofi,
      Thank you for the links, I follow Ben on twitter and get the makerpad newsletter.
      Withcopilot and the other one are new to me, will check them out.
      I would love to connect outside of IH.
      Will send you a message later today.

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    I believe you should go for it! You have my support! I am not able to help financially.

    However but I am very active in the no-code community, and I run a global community for Black women in tech,

    And can also offer advice. Happy to talk anytime!

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      Hi naya,
      That's very nice of you, I will take you up on that offer 😁.
      Is Frauvis new? I didn't know about it but Iove your mission.
      Let's connect!

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        Sounds good, my email is [email protected].

        And ha, we have been around since 2018, it's self-funded and non-ngo. So I had to take a step back twice when it became unstainable to run basic operations.

        We are back now 😀. Quite niche...around 300-500, with some recent growth.

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    Erin Walker here. Hi! From South Africa.
    Sounds good. I'm an investor in Freelance Capetown. Maybe we should chat :)

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      Hi Erin,
      I just found out there was no DM on IH yesterday :D
      I never actually dropped you a line :/
      how can I reach you?

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      Hi Erin,
      We definitely should:)
      I'll drop you a line.
      Thanks a bunch,

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    Hey Nadia, I run a software development company based in Paris hiring developers in Asia and Eastern Europe. I think this is a great idea, I'd be happy to see if I could help get the first few clients and hires.

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      Salut Chris,
      That sounds great.
      I will reach out once we're up and running.
      Thanks :)

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        Happy to help think through models of how to get started too. Bootstrapped our agency from nothing!

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          That sounds great Chris. I will take you up on that offer.
          Thanks :)

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    We offer mentoring (1-on-1) video sessions in which we can teach you bubble at . Let me know if you have any questions.

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      Hi Tal,
      I would love to master Bubble, to be honest, I find it difficult to use🙈

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        There's definitely a high learning curve, but once you get past it it's amazing!

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    Hi Nadia,

    I think this is a great idea! It offers a huge opportunity in Africa and helping businesses get online and grow will be so beneficial. I have launched Websto ( that is a no-code, drag-and-drop landing page and website builder. I would be happy to chat to help you set up your agency on our platform and partner going forward. Let me know if you are interested.

    Good Luck!

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      Hi stuart,
      Thanks for the support, never heard of websto before :)
      Is it new? I see the pricing is in ZAR, had to convert to dollars.
      You should consider using dollars it's easier to compare.
      From what I can tell the cheapest plan is 50$/month,
      is that correct?

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        It is new, it launched at the end of last year. It has integrations with African payment gateways which is something I have struggled with in the past so I am happy to include them on the platform.

        Unfortunately, South African payment gateways cannot process payments in USD - I think it is due to exchange controls. I agree it would be great if I could charge in USD.

        Yes, the cheapest full landing page package is around $48/month however there is a stand-alone website package that is $29/month. There is also an agency plan that is fairly customizable.

        If you are interested in the platform let me know but in the meantime, there is a 14-day free trial to test out the builder and see the features.

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          Hi Stuart,
          I don't get the pricing, it's more expensive that squarespace, wix, versoly, simvoly or any platform I can think of😬.
          It's not clear to me why it's overpriced.
          Best of luck,

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            Well we are a landing page/sales funnel builder first and foremost so I would be interested to hear of any platforms that offer the same value/features at a cheaper price? So a typical landing page platform such as Unbounce is 40% more than our platform - so I thought it was quite a bargain.

            For people interested in using our platform for websites we are after business clients as it is not possible to compete with the budgets of the bigger companies to target personal consumers. Our website prices are in line with/cheaper than the full-featured versions of companies like Squarespace at $40/mo - we do not have many restrictions on our website plans as businesses generally want the premium hosting and features - consumers that are after the cheapest cost then my recommendation would be to use a WordPress or Wix - hard to beat their cheaper hosting packages.

            As far as your post, I understood that it was for a no-code agency which would realize quite a few of the benefits in a cost-saving on the agency plan so I thought it would be of use but I must have misunderstood what you were looking for.