Meta March 22, 2019

[META] How is IH moderated ?

Mou @woorap

And how can I report posts /users ?

In the past few days i've seen a lot of spammy-looking posts, especially around male enhancements and keto pills.
All are brand new accounts, simply pointing to a blog post that repeats the the content of the IH post.

Maybe I'm wrong.

In anycase, should there be a 'report user' feature ?


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    That would be my job, and the spammers kindly leave 5-10 posts for me every morning for me to manually clean up. Seems like there were more than usual today.

    I believe it is on the cards for @csallen to build something to help moderate. Just not quite sure when at this stage.

    1. 1

      Thanks for coming back to me :-)

      I understand. I think the community would be quite keen on helping keeping the feed clean.

      Keep up the good work !

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