March 26, 2019

MicroConf chats

Greg Gentschev @gentschev

Hey folks,

I'm about to head to Vegas for MicroConf (starter edition) and was wondering if anyone wants to meet up there and grab a meal, drink, or hallway chat.

Conferences can be a little intimidating, so I thought I'd try to seed my week with some plans to say hi to people before we get there.

I live in Oakland and work in product management for my day job. I've worked on a couple of side projects the last couple of years related to education and career management but haven't really tried to make money off any of them yet. I'm currently pondering what my next side project should be.

Also just out of curiosity, if you're going, what are you hoping to get out of it?

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    I've also got some tips for first-timers here:

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    I'm not going but @mijustin has a MicroConf 2019 spreadsheet going where many attending have put their name/details down. It might be helpful.

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    How was the conference? I am planning to attend it next year.