MicroConf Remote 2.0: Cheat Codes for Early Stage SaaS Marketing

We’re back with v2.0 of MicroConf Remote.

This season, we invite you to explore the MicroConf World Map, meet with other founders from across the globe, and learn from experts in Early Stage SaaS marketing, featuring the DocSketch Founder Ruben Gamez sharing his insights on his AppSumo Launch, Derrick Reimer who hit #2 on Product Hunt with his launch of SavvyCal, and more.

March 23 - 25th, 2021
Live Talk Schedule: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

We’ll be using gather.town, an interactive world-based event platform to create a massively multiplayer online environment. It's super cool if you haven't checked it out before.

Tickets are $25-$75, but you can get a discount by sending us a marketing tip. Head over to microconfremote.com to grab yours :-)

  1. 4

    Looking forward to this!

  2. 2

    Gather is fun, I'm a big fan of all these new virtual meeting spaces popping up. I'm spending more time in Twitter Spaces, too. And I just got an Oculus Quest and I've been popping around rooms.

    I wish all these things were more connected to the rest of the web, for example if I could embed them into posts on IH…

    1. 1

      Agreed. I love my Oculus Quest - it's the first device that made me believe VR is going to be a thing. I can't wait until there's a platform like Gather that works in VR-space.

  3. 1

    Love MicroConf. Keep publishing the talks for those of us who can't attend. Thanks @robwalling, Tracy and Xander for putting all the microconf content out to the public.

  4. 1

    I really wish I could attend... if you are lucky enough to have the chance, you definitely should!

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