Landing Page Feedback March 5, 2020

Minimalist landing page. I removed most sections. Is it too much?

Hossein Shams @hosshams

I was thinking about what is the most valuable action a visitor can perform? I would like the visitor to take a look at the templates to see possibilities or in the best case try the page builder. So I made a bold move by removing almost all sections last night. Does that make sense or this is too much?

Landing page:

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    I like minimalistic landing pages, but your product is about building landing pages. In your case it's a good opportunity to demonstrate a solid landing page before someone checks your templates out.

    Right now this feels minimalistic to the point that it doesn't create inspiration in me to build a fantastic landing page with this tool. I think it's a missed opportunity to leave it like this.

    By the way, I know you didn't ask feedback on the copy, but saying just in case: make sure you proofread the copy.

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      You're right. Such a short landing page would question the credibility and capability of the product. I guess I'll change the landing page over the weekend.

      I appreciate any feedback. I'll work on the copy as well.

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    The first thing i tried to do after reading the landing, was to try to scroll down. I expected to be able to and tbh it felt weird to me that I couldn't scroll. Why not include the "pricing" and "templates" content below the landing. So that your site is just 1 page.

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      That was my previous landing page, but most visitors didn’t try the page builder and bare;y visited the templates. So that’s why I reduced my CTA buttons and any distraction from landing page to the page builder. My hypothesis is that if they like the page builder and the design, then they would check the price and continue with registration.

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        Makes sense, but by removing the additional sections you might increase your bounce rate. IMO it’s better to have more CTAs and more things to look at.

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          Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of right now because google ranking is considering bounce rate in its ranking as well.

          Also, I guess such a short landing page reduces the credibility of my product. I'm rethinking this change.

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        from the screenshot you posted it looks to me like your primary cta is "browse templates" and the secondary cta is "try page builder". maybe reverse them?

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          Yeah, I should swap the buttons too.

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    Did you build this landing page using your own product?

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    Could you explain to me your value proposition? Who's your target customer?
    I think potential customers can't understand the full potential and benefits of your Landing Page Builder.

    You should highlight the "Why" they NEED it.

    As a potential customer I can understand that your product is a Landing Page Builder but I don't see your competitive advantage and the benefits I would gain from it.

    Your video is actually a good start to underline the ease of use of your product.

    I think you're on the right path, but maybe you just need to add some copywriting so that your prospect knows exactly which problem you are solving.
    And always track the data when you change something so you know what works and what doesn't.

    Tell me what you are thinking of it, and how we can help you further.

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      Thank you so much for your reply.

      You're right, I don't have a clear value proposition and while my target market is mobile app owners, I'm not mentioning that on the page. Pageam is not Google, I have to use my space as much as possible to educate visitors and reduce my bounce rate. Such a landing page is reducing the credibility of my product and increases the bounce rate which also hurts my google ranking.

      I already came to the conclusion that this wasn't a good idea and I'm going to redesign my landing page and inner pages over the weekend. I'll request another feedback after the change.

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    I personally think it looks great, but always like to look at the data to drive decisions. I would recommend putting goals in place with Google Analytics to track if conversions go up or down. Either way, awesome work! Putting my favorite quote below for you...

    'Without data, you're just another person with an opinion', W. Edwards Deming.

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      I also like the simplified look (though I dont know what it looked like before). You very clearly say what it is you do and provide a visual gif/video to quickly show how you'd use the product. If im interested I can click to view pricing ot templates or whatever from there. I think as far as a landing page its solid. Will try and do something similar for v1 of my landing page ha

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        Glad you like it. The previous landing page was basically this one + features page + pricing page :D I just separate them into 3 pages and added a couple more sections to the features page.

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          I imagine the analytics would be more meaningful too. Like a stroll down to the pricing on a 1-page layout is less "meaningful" than a click to navigate to your pricing page. At least in my head, I imagine ha

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      That's exactly what I was thinking! How can I measure success? I should set a goal right now in GA, let the landing page be like this for a couple of weeks and then have a long landing page for another 2 weeks. So I can compare the conversion rate.

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    I think you should include more sections below the video.

    It would be nice to see sections about the capabilities and features of your website builder.

    What will I, as a user, be able to do with it?

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      That's the question I tried to answer using the video in the header and directing users to try page builder. I thought the video could answer most of these questions, then a curious visitor would check the page builder, and then visit the features and pricing page.

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    I think you strike a nice balance between minimalism and effective copy. The calls-to-action are compelling as well. Submit it to ExplainMyProduct and see what feedback you get back - I think it'll be mostly good.

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    @hosshams I think your product has a strong value prop, especially at $3/month. I know 'landing pages' are a competitive space but I don't think I've seen something like this before.

    In such a case, I would consider...

    • putting the pricing table on the front page, and
    • optimize the experience for the user to start building a page directly below pricing. "Build your page and pay only when you go-live" (for example)

    Not sure if that's possible but in my opinion, getting the user straight into building their page is the ideal scenario (rather than making 'try the builder' a secondary CTA).


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      Glad to hear that. This is just a start and if I find some customers I'd start developing the next phase of the project.
      I decided to go for a longer landing page since this one is increasing the bounce rate of the homepage which is not good for Google ranking. Also, I'm not showing my value proposition and differentiators. So I'm going to redesign the website over the weekend.
      It's possible to let people start by building their website and then register an account, but it's going to take some time developing it with the current back-end structure. But I'll consider this option for the next version of the product.

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    Suggest on mobile add 1 image below buttons,. Having nothing feels too light. More and I would prob scroll and not click.

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      Oops! I forgot to check it on mobile. I'm hiding the video on mobile devices. I'll fix it soon.

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