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Mobile App Development podcast; Preferred podcast length? 🎙️

Alan Montgomery @alanmontgomery

Hey there. I'm releasing a podcast soon on modern day mobile app development using web native technology like Ionic, Capacitor with React and more.

First of all, if you're interested you can sign up to be notified of first episode here;

Second, I've asked a question in the form of a poll on Twitter on preferred podcast length. So far it looks like 30 minutes seems to be leading.

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    I would agree with 30mins ish, but like @FreshPrinceMayo said, some shows drag out too long. Personally, I drive about 30-45 mins to work for my day job. So being able to finish a complete episodes on the drive is very convenient. But I am not usually swayed away from longer episodes JUST because they are longer.

    But, if I am looking for a new show or found a new show, I think I would be more likely to give it a shot if the shows are on the 30 mins or less mark.

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      Awesome feedback thanks very much. I'm planning on recording my first episode this week and very excited.

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        Awesome! I hope it goes well. Be sure to drop a link to your show so we can check it out

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    Checking on my listening track record now I see that most of them last more than 1h. One thing I'd add though which is a #1 priority to me: sound quality.

    Especially since I listen to all of them at a x2 speed [or x1.5 when it's not my mother tongue + strong accent]. Hope that helps.

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      Appreciate that 👏😀

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    I don’t think the issue is necessarily the length it’s just most podcasts drag out too long. Stopped listening to a lot of podcasts especially tech ones because the quality degrades over time. 15 of inside jokes, 15 mins of off topic content, can easily pass 30 mins before they start talking about the topic at hand.

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      Thanks very much for this perspective @FreshPrinceMayo . I know alot of people actually do have a preferred listen length and it's not that it's an issue it's moreso the time they have at a certain point in the day maybe.

      But this makes total sense. I already know.my.podcast won't drag on and it'll be very valuable.

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