App Ideas August 8, 2020

Mobile app idea #95: Pinpoint Homeless With Blockchain

Trieu Nguyen @txn3735
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    When you got a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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      not quite sure what you meant with that. Can you explain? im probably too stupid to understand the law of instrument in that matter xD

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    As Jorsi has written, so many issues with the idea behind this, on the other hand, the blog is full of so many ideas, not sure what is up with this site.

    Adding "blockchain" to the title of an idea can devalue your pitch because it has been so over-used and broken. Please avoid the trendy buzzwords

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    Homeless people are people who deserve privacy just like you and me.

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    But can you explain how Blockchain improves data accuracy?

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    Hey Trieu, I like your ambitions to help homeless people but in my eyes there are many issues with the idea that you currently have.

    Here are these multiple flaws that make me criticize the idea:

    Flaw 1: Do you think that homeless people will be educated enough about crypto currency like you? I doubt that one a lot.

    Flaw 2: Homeless people that need to go to shelters in order to afford food will surely not be able to afford a phone that can do all your fancy stuff.

    Flaw 2: Who's interest do you represent? You try to "help" the homeless by selling their data to companies and food shelters? Homeless people already know where they can get food and stuff like that... why would you start moving those shelters and stuff to the homeless if they live around those shelters already anyways (my assumption)?

    Flaw 3: Huuuge issue with privacy. Just because someone is homeless doesn't mean that you can deprive them from a certain amount of privacy. Junkies for example will never use the app because it will uncover all their hidden spots where they take drugs which allows law enforcement to take down these areas.

    If I was you I would make the app as simple as possible. Remember: some of these people are living on the streets for a reason while having mental or physical health issues. How high do you think will their commitment be to learn something about crypto currency... Therefore dont build an app but a website where homeless can see every information they need. From a map that shows them shelters or warm spots up to FAQs for homeless and other helpful stuff. Here are some more feature ideas for an app: creating a job platform with partner stores that are willing to have homeless employees, homeless people can create a mini-profile with profile picture and the reason for their sitation as well as their motivation etc. after that they can send their applications to the stores, homeless fundraising: homeless create profile and other people that believe in the homeless person and want them to succeed collect money (like kickstarter or patreon) so that the person can have a second try.

    There are lots of simple ways to help homeless people. It doesnt even have to be digital but in my eyes crypto currency is a little bit too fancy and I am hugely concerned about the privacy and stuff. Check out my ideas and let me know if you like something of it.

    Please dont be dissappointed by my direct criticizm but take it as productive feedback that prevents you from building something that cannot tbe used by your target group. :-)



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      I think you are missing the point of the idea.

      You are actually proving my point. When a person is homeless - they have nothing.

      The app is for those who are compassionate and want to help.

      To clarify - blockchain is NOT crypto currency. Although crypto currency is blockchain. Get it?

      You are not identifying anyone (no privacy issues here). There is no photo, identification of any sort. You are merely collecting a more precised data to create a heat map.

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        Well I’m still concerned about it but it’s all up to you :) go and talk to homeless to find out where the issues are that you want to solve

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          I am not sure why you would spend the time to write a long message if you had not read the article in the link.

          What I am saying is you are pointing out the flaws of something different (not about the idea I was presenting)

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            Oh I actually read it 3 times to make sure what you are talking about. Anyways Im sorry to hear that you are disappointed that my information was not helpful to you. There are two mindsets that you can represent right now:

            Mindset 1.: It's the fault of me and all the other commentators because we were not able to understand your text

            Mindst 2.: It's your mistake for writing an unclear text that led us to misunderstanding your content in the first place.

            I recommend you using the second option as it helps you improve on your way how to communicate to other people more clearly.



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