Developers February 15, 2020

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Hi friends,

Is there an application that shows in which languages the mobile application is written? I want to show a mobile app and it will tell me what language it is made in.

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    There is a chance that you could get something usable from decompiling an app's bytecode/binary, but it will never be easily human-readable code. I would highly recommend against trying to get anything useful out of compiled apps.

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    arent all apps either java, kotlin or swift?

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      There's also flutter, react native, ionic, xamarin, etc.

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        Well technically, those are frameworks and not programming languages.

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          You're right, although each of the above use different programming languages than the platform's natively supported languages. My point was that the app could be written in javascript with react-native, which would look a fair bit different than a native swift app, for example.

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            well depends. react native still uses native components with a js bridge so that would actually not look different. flutter however draws components on the screen using skia so that would actually look a bit different if the components are new / unpolished. there are some tell - tale signs for a ionic project ( the loading screen ), etc.

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