April 18, 2019

Mockup Tools

Chris Moffitt @cmoffitt

Are there any good free/low cost tools to do a mockup of a text conversation? I found a few spammy online ones but not one that would produce a nice non-watermarked image of a decent quality.

What do you typically use for app mockups if you are not a photoshop expert?


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    depends on how complex it needs to be, but you could make that sort of mock up in google slides nowadays. I'm a designer but would consider turning to slides if it was for a brief foray into design where I didn't want to commit to a software license. You can also do free trials on most of the bigger name software if it's only a quick/one time thing.

    Also, nobody uses photoshop for mock-ups, unless they're a dinosaur or it happens to be the only tool they have. Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Invision Studio, UXPin etc are all good programs you could look into :) (there's plenty more...Inkscape is an okay open source option

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      Thanks.... Are you saying I'm a dinosaur? Just kidding. I am when it comes to the design world. Thanks again!

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