Mockup Video Maker - Looking for feedback on our new web app

Hey guys 👋🏻
Myself and Chris (@pandabridge) have been busy working on a suite of online video editing tools and we are close to launching our first.
We've just released the coming soon landing page for Mockup Clips which you can view here: https://mockupclips.com

enter image description here

A bit about the product:
Mockup Clips is an interactive stock video library, focusing on product mockups, which allows users to swap out placeholders with their own media and preview their video entirely in the browser.
Initially we are focusing on digital product mockups (e.g mobile devices, computers etc...), and we hope it will be a beneficial tool for developers and marketers who are looking to showcase their website or app in a real life environment.

Each video is meticulously tracked to ensure highly realistic results, with the ability for the user to adjust colour settings and tweak the reflection amount all within the browser.

All video outputs are available in 4K and HD and get exported by our very own video render engine.

It would be great to get some feedback regarding this concept and if you feel that there is a target market for it.
Some other key points which we'd appreciate validation on are:

  • Is the landing page clear as to what the app is?
  • How much would you spend on an individual video (this includes the stock video license and final 4k or hd output)?
  • Post-release, do you feel we should focus on expanding our digital screen library (tablets, phones etc), or expand the range of products e.g books, t-shirts etc?

Look forward to hearing any replies

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    this is amazing! I totally see this being valuable to freelancers / agencies, who want to add some extra punch to their client pitches.

    Imagine you're showing a client a website / app proposal and you can show them a video of it in a real-life setting... very persuasive. I like it.

    1. 1

      Thanks Jon, appreciate your comment. We're hoping it will give users the edge when presenting their pitches 🤞
      Love Bannerbear btw, looks great!

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    Love this. Already sent to my marketing team to get notified. We are a publisher, so we need tons of imagery for every piece of content. It will be great to pop in real life examples of what it looks like to jump into our classes, virtual events, newsletters, etc.

    1. I think the intro video would be a stronger example if you used a landing or splash page as the drop in. And the adjustments on the brightness seem unnecessary.

    2. $10-20 per video

    3. Definitely build out the digital screen library. The market here is much bigger. And the depth and breadth on your core offering could make or break growth.

    1. 1

      Thanks Emily, glad you're interested and appreciate your comments! I agree, I think focusing on the digital screen library is the right direction to go. We'll be in touch soon with your marketing team

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    I already provided feedback on the landing page in another thread.

    I'd be willing to pay $20-30 an individual 1080p video. I'm not sure I'd need anything above that in the short-medium term.

    Post-release I'd prefer a focus on expanding the digital screen library, particularly to devices in the Google ecosystem.

    1. 1

      Hi Paolo, thanks for the feedback (again!)
      We want the product to be accessible to all so we'll try and set the prices accordingly. Also, we'd charge lower prices for lower resolution exports. E.g a 1080p export will be cheaper than a 4K export.

      1. 1

        Thanks, looking forward to trying the product.

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    I really like the idea and landingpage, I love the visuals! Just one thing, can you guys show some use case examples for landingspages for example? I think it would be nice to have it as a background vid on the top? Other suggestions? Probably in ads too.

    I have never worked/edited vids, pics or whatsoever, so I have no clue about prices. Since I haven’t seen it before and it seems good and simple to use I would see €49? But if the usecase would mainly be for the creation of ads or so a higher price is justified.

    Again, I have no idea. I simply think okay, my website with for example webflow would cost me €200 for a year, the visuals are really important for a website. I probably would want 1 on avg. 1 directly on top of the page (do you guys have other usage examples?) So my price for my website for one year will now be €250, which is a substantial increase, but it also increased my website by a lot.

    1. 2

      Hi Dylan, thanks for the kind words 😀
      We did think about setting a video as the hero section background, but thought that this might be a bit too much seeing as we have lots of other videos going on in the page. However, the idea of having an example section on how the videos can be used is a great idea.
      Thanks for the feedback on the pricing. We currently expect one of our main audience types to be video editors who would then cut their rendered mockup video into their own promo videos, so we hadn't anticipated customers using the uncut video on it's own (but of course you can do that!)

      1. 1

        Ah I understand! I signed up for the list anyways:)

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    This is great. Is this only focused on digital agencies or can entrepreneurs use it to show a mock up of the product?

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      Hey Prateek, our app will be open to all so anyone can create a video mockup and showcase their product using our tool

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        Nice! I'd probably pay $25 per video. Maybe, you'll can create certain editing tools that are only applicable to a higher per video package? Just a thought.

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