Daily Stand-up October 21, 2019

Monday Stand Up: What will you accomplish today?

Janice @Janice

What will you accomplish by end of October?

What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?

What will you do today?

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    Goal is to have a solid landing page with email subscription setup so we can gauge interest in this product.

    Yesterday I spent some time researching other similar companies landing pages for wording and style.

    Today I'm going to look into using figma to start doing designs of what I want this to look like.

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    • 🏆 Earn & pay my overhead.
    • Help a client hit the 1st goal.
    • Launch a small pilot.


    • Review consulting & pilot customers' products & services.
    • Do pt job.
    • Sleep.


    • Review progress & update goals.
    • Plan week's tasks.
    • Reply to onboard support email to activate customer.
    • Catch up w/ consulting work.
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    Yesterday I send the first ever newsletter for InspectCompany.com 🙌
    It only has a small number of subscribers , but feedback so far was very positive!

    Today I will work on improving revenue metrics for the companies in the platform. I want to have a much higher data quality before attempting to scale to hundreds of companies.

    Progress is still slow since I'm still working full-time for Amazon, but in a few weeks I will start to work full-time in the project 🎉

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    Putting together some promotional materials for an Instagram giveaway contest we will be doing for Album Daily (www.albumdaily.com).

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    By the end of October I would love to have 20 visitors a week.

    Yesterday I did nothing :)

    Today I will work on adding Google Analytics so I can track this goal. I'll also be writing some blog post drafts.

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    Talking to few advisors on SEO/content for https://womenhustlers.com

    We are currently evaluating advisors to help us in our further quest on content marketing and SEO.

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    Today I am going to work on my walkorwait app and implementing the route search algorithm. I will also test and api in flutter for my sentrymental app

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    • Not sure yet?
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    By End of October, I want to be able to demo Announcr to a business owner.

    This weekend, I added in a feature to the Announcr app whereas a business admin can see a customer list. After clicking on a customer, a user information panel comes up and they can choose to make that user a location Admin. Will be adding much more to the user panel over time, but this accomplishes the goal of walking in to a business, demoing the app, the business owner registers, becomes a user, then I can make the user an Admin on the spot and effectively make a sale. The list has a nice pull-down refresh and a basic layout.

    Today, I want to clean up the UI elements. Want to fix the colors and layout of the customer list, make it look nicer and add a placeholder for badges, as well as ways to sort/search through a list which could be rather large.

    Also, had some finetuning thoughts this weekend on how messages could be best batched/scheduled.