Daily Stand-up January 20, 2020

Monday Stand Up: What will you do today?

Janice @Janice

What will you accomplish by end of January?
What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?
What will you do today?

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    Finalize v1 of concept
    Talked to more people about idea, got feedback
    Find potential locations for pop-up

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    1. January

    • Have a magic moment w/ a customer!
      2. Yesterday
    • Publish pre-launch landing page copy.
    • Set up a mailing list.
    • Revise sales funnel on paper.
    • Continue reading Refactoring UI
      3. Today
    • Update roadmap for the next 2 weeks.
    • Update HubSpot settings.
    • Update chargebee settings
    • Summarize transcript into client brief.
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    Release V2 of Talkative. We have much more enrichment data now so you have much more visibility into everyone on your website

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    Go live with my newest side project, SimpleCanje. I started pulling it together a few days ago after encountering struggles with the immigration process in Mexico, and I'm currently debating on whether I should charge people to use my guide (which would literally save hours of time, money, and frustration), accept "Buy Me A Coffee" donations, or just let people use it for free.

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    End of January

    • Basic app/infrastructure (React Next.js app, PostgreSQL database, etc) with a landing page hosted.
    • Accepting email addresses on the landing page so potential customers can be notified when the app is ready.




    • Work on the landing page
    • Write a post on my blog about load testing the email/password registration API.
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    EOJ - Validate a project idea

    Yesterday - worked on a tool to help evaluate machine learning models once in production.

    Today - Clean up some UI start trying to find some people who might need to review their ML predictions

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    EOJ - Launch product on PH

    Yesterday - collected, and clean large data sets. and "in-sourced" data collection (edge cases) to my son (15 yr old). paid by the clean data record captured :) used glide apps and google sheets.

    Today - load data into app

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    DATE: January 20th, 2020

    What will you accomplish by end of January?

    • Finish reading through and completing exercises for "The Haskell Book"
    • Finish MVP of TinyDevCRM

    What did you do yesterday to work towards your goal?

    • Nothing. Helped out a friend with programming exercises and talked to another friend about career stuff

    What will you do today?

    • Complete exercises for Chapter 21 / 31 of "The Haskell Book"
    • Read through and complete exercises for Chapter 22 / 31 of "The Haskell Book"

    I'm probably going to head out to a cafe and buy something to eat and study there and treat myself that way, in order to try and get a positive boost to get an upward spiral.

    1. 1

      11:30PM ET

      RescueTime statistics: 7h 18m (85% productive)

      Went through Chapter 21 / 31, working on Chapter 22 / 31 now, almost done.

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    Working on a product that visualizes complex Java/C++ code - SourceSpy

    • Hoping to launch on GitHub marketplace by end of January
    • Trying to visualize C++ code as diagrams (what a nightmare!!! >:[ )
    • Need to step back and plan development for next 3-4 weeks
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    What will you accomplish by end of January?

    • Finish initial product research and decide on first mini product to move forward on
    • Build out sales funnel for consulting business

    What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?
    Took it slow and got some rest

    What will you do today?

    • Test out d3js for data vis for a product
    • Start draft of an article on project management
    • Contact consulting leads
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    🐔What will you accomplish by end of January?

    By the end of January we will ship our progress tracking app and one other app in our goal to release 52 projects this year

    🐔What did you do yesterday to work toward your goal?

    I finished a pagination / tab sorted workspace organizer for our progress tracking app.

    I fixed up the build system as I found that while serving the project was working fine, building the project greeted me with an empty screen and then a whole host of other bugs.

    I updated our dependencies ~6months out of date which lead me to fix a whole new set of bugs

    I set up a script to automatically deploy to our staging and production servers

    🐔What will you do today?

    Hopefully get the API started unless something else gets in the way (for the fourth time)

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    By the end of this month, we'll launch the Bitcompare community for all things DeFi

    Yesterday, we fixed the calculator and tied up loose ends to push the new Bitcompare site

    Today I'll announce the new landing page of https://www.bitcompare.net