Community Building May 23, 2020

Monetisation w/ CarbonAds: who's using it?

Ivan Candela @ivcandela

I can't seem to find accurate feedback on CarbonAds.

If someone is using it and is willing to share his/her experience and revenue, I'm sure I will not be the only one to thank you :)

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    I tried it in the early days of IH (4 years ago) and didn't see much revenue despite getting loads of traffic. If at all possible, I'd recommend monetizing by charging your community members directly in return for providing them something of value.

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      I think so! Depending on the market, it seems 1 sponsor can pay much more than many community members I end up taking a sponsor and make it free for people - looking into though

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      I’m trying to find a way to not make regular users pay anything :) I’ll of course contact sponsors, but i first want to validate the idea with no stringa attached (it is still a side-project ) and advertising seemed a good way to get some support in the very early stages and it would also get users already accostumed to seeing ads (which will è come sponsor banners)

      anyway thank you very much for your feedback and for IH :)

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    I've tried it, got $40 a month for a space that can sell for ~$500 a month. I remember looked promising, but not sure what is happening with it. @jivings - do you still run it?

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      Hey, no it was aquired last year. I don't think the new owner has done anything with it yet 😐

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    I used it for about one year and in average I made 1$ per 1000 impressions.

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