Ideas and Validation April 5, 2020

Monetize existing traffic (15k/month) in dating niche

oski @oskarsoderlunds

Hi guys 👋 Me and a friend run an dating site on the side together where we share useful tips for the single guy. It currently have around 15.000 visitors a month coming from SEO-traffic.

Our dating advice mostly revolve around online dating, Tinder etc.

We're trying to think about ways to build a product around this, and have so far thought about online courses. But we don't have the proper resources or experience to make a course that's really good. We feel like physical products would be the most nice thing to get into. We tried to make an e-book and sell that and had quite limited success, and we're also getting a little bit of money at the moment from being affiliates to bigger dating sites such as

Any ideas? 🤔

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    Hmm I am still looking

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    Any ideas for physical products to single men?

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    Reach out to me on Twitter and let's talk

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    I am assuming you're offering generic advice for all your users. How about a premium service for specific advice

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      its targeted advice already, but yeah premium might work. Only thing is that we've tried that with the e-book and it didn't fly. But perhaps we need to change the angle a bit.

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        I guess with the e-book the advice is generic whereby what applies to Jim may not apply to Joe

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    add a place for people to add their own tips. and have others vote on them.

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      Nice idea!

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    Do you have an email list?

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      Yes, currently around 500 subs.

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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      Cool, that's worth looking into.