Growth February 16, 2020

Monetizing Tumblr page with 250K followers


I have a quotes page that I've grown to 250K followers and I'm looking to make some money off it. Any suggestions? Maybe we can collaborate on this.

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    Coming from the owner of one of the most followed blogs on Tumblr, which happens to be a quote blog as well, there are numerous ways to monetize it. Heck, I sold over 5,000 packs of stickers for $9 each, and couldn't keep them in stock. I also sold apparel, and couldn't keep those in stock either. I drove $30,000 in the first 3 months in sweatshirt sales alone. In addition to merch, I partnered with authors who paid weekly for sponsored posts. Now some of them are the largest authors in the world. Taking things even further, I launched businesses from my Tumblr blog which have sense been acquired, and I can contribute 100% of my marketing success to my blog alone.

    What I'm getting at is that there are literally countless ways to make money with a following like yours. I think the hardest thing you have going against you now, which is something that I did not have when I was active on Tumblr, was the fact that the platform itself is not mainstream like Instagram and Facebook are. But you can still do it. Best of luck!

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      I really like this comment, since I own a FB Page, also focused on Quotes in my native language (pt-br).
      I was trying to convert it with blog posts that has the og-image with a quote as well, and monetize that blog with Adsense.
      Unfortunately, Google Adsense is being more rigorous on their approval process and I didn't manage to get it approved yet.
      But I didn't think on Merch on that page. Maybe stickers and t-shirt could be a nice way for monetizing it, I will try.

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      One more thing: start migrating those followers over to Instagram asap. That's one mistake I made, and I regret it so badly.

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        Thanks a lot for your detailed reply! It really gives me the boost I need to push forward and monetize the account. This account was something I started way back and forgot about it. I'll look into getting some merch going, and also maybe add some Amazon affiliate links to books.

        If you don't mind me asking, how many followers did you have on Tumblr to make those $? Did you get approached by authors that wanted to advertise or did you have to search for them?

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    There's a team in my office that looks for alternative ad placements for If you can send me your link, i will have them explore this option.

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    thought of merch? Quotes on tshirts, quotes on socks, etc. Work with a fulfillment shop who prints and delivers directly to customers.

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    Amazon affiliates

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    What type of quotes?

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      Famous quotes from books.