March 27, 2019

Monologue: can an app help people be more positive?


Hey everyone, my name is Andre. New around here, and really liking the vibe!

So I wanted to say I just released an app and am looking for the best next steps to take. (Marketing probably?)
How do you go about doing product research for what features to build into a very early stage app?

Here's the app for reference. (Happy to give out free download codes! :)


#product-feedback-request #idea-validation

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    Cool idea, bit it isnt Clear for me if the answer is automatically Made by the app ir if I have to preset them.

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      Thanks for the feedback! Yea the app store images could be more clarifying

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    Hey Andre! I actually do this myself. I imagine a dialogue with a wiser happier version of myself.

    Some random free thoughts related to this: I've thought about having a faux chat app where U can create different characters and create a chat transcript by switching between each of the characters. I like it as a way of doing "parts work" therapy or other creative dialogues, and I imagine that writers and script writers could find it useful.

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      idea that just popped up: use the six thinking hats model :)

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        Thanks for that Nuno, never heard of the six thinking hats but it sounds interesting. I'll look into it more :)

        Do you use that model?

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          I use it ocasionally, not on a daily basis. Usually when I'm somehow stuck or need ideas on how to solve something, its helpful to look at things from different angles, and thats what the 6 thinking hats help you to do :)

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      Interesting Matthew, thanks for sharing! Do you write these dialogues down anywhere, or just think them?

      I didn't know "parts work" was what its called, but that seems pretty close :)

      And yea, a similar app for writers could be useful. Cool idea.

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