Monosfer - All your important links in one single page

I am excited to announce the beta launch of Monosfer.

🔗 This #webapp lets you put all your important links in one single page.

👤 You can customize your profile and add as many links as you wish.

🚀 Check it out at https://monosfer.com

I used #React for the app and #Node on client-side. Thanks to Bugyard for the easy feedback plugin integration, and Semantic UI for the awesome framework.

(this app was built in 3 days)


  1. 1

    Looks beautiful. Minimal and Nicely done!

    1. 1

      Thank you for sharing your feedback, it is very valuable. do you think $25 is too much for this solution?

  2. 1

    I would highlight the use cases more. I am not going to sign up if I have no idea what it does. Call it out etc. 🍀

    1. 1

      Hi Josh, thanks for testing the app. This is just a MVP I built to validate the idea and see if people are interested in a solution like that. I do believe the use cases are clear for a single-feature app, I am aware that there's not enough content on the website but it works!

  3. 1

    Can you share what provider are you using (I mean Amazon, Heroku or else) ?

    1. 2

      Google Firebase for auth and db. Zeit Now for hosting.

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