Month #0 - $0 revenue, built in 2 months with no-code

Hi, long time lurker here that's quite addicted to all the monthly revenue updates from fellow bootstrappers, so I thought I'd start one for my new project. More accountability is never a bad thing!

The official launch is today so currently we are sitting at:

💸 Monthly revenue: $0 (USD)

💸 Monthly profit: $0 (USD)

A little about the build:
We're 2 folks with a decent amount of dev experience, but we chose to use the no-code tool bubble.io to speed up prototype to dev times. It's paid off handsomely since it probably has cut our dev time in half (2 months instead than 4). If you have any questions about our experience with no code, feel free to ask!

The greatest challenge at the moment is getting the word out. We've listed on product hunt and have gotten friends and family to give us feedback so far, but are concerned about getting this in the hands of the wider public. We've come to accept that this will be a marathon and not a sprint and SEO will most likely be our best friend, so we're preparing for the long haul.

Anyway, writing this is pumping me up. Thanks for reading so far! If you ever have a need to find great gift ideas tailored to your recipient, feel free to check out my new project sprize.me

See you next month!

  1. 5

    I think the idea is really good, but the website could be improved.

    • Slow loading speed
    • The dropdowns are a bit lame (just figured out that's on firefox, on chrome they look ok)
    • When you choose the first dropdown, the website refreshes, I was already halfway through the second and had to "restart"
    • I love the "bottom" part of the screen with all the cards, but again, very slow load.
      Good luck!
    1. 2

      Thanks for the detailed feedback! I'm glad you had a chance to play around with the site. Good catch on the Firefox design differences, we will work on that soon. Speed is definitely the tougher issue to solve but is the most important item on our backlog.

  2. 1

    Awesome! Can you reach out to your users directly and interview them?

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