Meta March 25, 2020

Moon (IH client) now has user profiles

Levi D. @levidxyz

Note: I "cross-posted" this from the Moon milestone since it's relevant to Meta IH

Moon Beta 2 is out πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€β—

Here's a bunch of new stuff you can do with Moon:

User Profiles
β€’ Tap any username (in a post, comment or @tag) to see their profile.
β€’ Profiles show their photo, follower counts, points, bio, comments, posts, products and links to email, tweet or follow them on IH.
β€’ Tap a comment or post in a user's profile to jump to it in the forum.

Better Navigation
β€’ Tap the filter button (top left) to filter the forum by top, new, milestones or any of the 38 IH groups.
β€’ Tap the group name in a post to jump to that feed.
β€’ Tap any URL (in a post, comment or bio) to open it in Safari.

Fall Back to the Web App
β€’ For features not yet in Moon (posting, commenting, voting, etc) tap to jump straight to that page in the IH web app.

Bug Fixes
β€’ Accurate vote counts
β€’ Deleted comments are hidden
β€’ No disabled buttons

These were all requested by beta testers like you.
So thanks for the feedback! And thanks to @csallen for building a great forum, podcast and community.

If you want to join the private beta, sign up at

Feedback is appreciated, as always!
Find me here on IH or Twitter @levidxyz or email (levi at

Happy hacking!

P.S. I hope its ok with Channing, Courtland and Rosie if I use your profiles as examples 🀞

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    Read this post from Moon! Really awesome, and great idea and experience with opening features not implemented in the mobile browser! Thank you πŸ™Œ

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      I have to admit that idea came from beta tester @toddpgood! Thanks Todd!

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        Thanks for the shoutout! Awesome that you implemented this! I’m excited to check out v2

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          Excited to hear your thoughts πŸ™

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