Self Care April 16, 2020

Morning Routine: Wake up. Quick Glance at phone (trying 2 get rid of this). Make Coffee. Shower. Drink Coffee. Write prios for the day. You?

Jesse Cheng @jessegrownup

Prios = Priorities..

Always trying to look for a rhythm I can do in the morning to help 'get my mind right' for the day and be productive! I mix in running plus meditation/reading for a bit as well at times. Open to suggestions! Definitely have been avoiding looking at my phone the instant I wake's a struggle though.

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    Sounds luxurious.

    Sorry, mine is more like:

    • Youngest kid has woken me up at least once in the night.
    • I'm up too early after going to bed too late.
    • If I don't get up, my girl screams the whole house down.
    • I do whatever I can to keep her happy so that the rest of the house aren't awoken until a reasonable hour.
    • I'll be lucky if I get to glance at my phone.
    • I do make coffee whilst I make her breakfast
    • I take the opportunity to get house work done so that when my husband takes over I can focus on doing work.
    • And that is just the morning.
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      and i've heard on the grapevine that it is all worth it! :)

      Thanks for sharing. It actually reminded me to be more overly helpful with coworkers with kids. I know it is currently a whole different situation for ya'll.

      Favorite one:
      "If I don't get up, my girl screams the whole house down."

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    Cats yoga pose, bathroom, make bed, socks on, log on, pushups first set, breakfast...

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      making the bed is essential for me haha, might be more of a superstitious thing for me

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    Rest, rhythm and regularity is a key to focus in my opinion. Since this month, I totally turn my morning routine. This is my new schedule:

    05:30 - Alarm
    05:32 - Drink water, shower, dress up sharp, drinking 2 glasses of water again.
    06:00- Open Zoom, meet my fellow other founders (we are with 5 in total, always the same group). In this 30 minutes call, we do a 15 minutes meditation, sum up our 3 main goals of the day and we mention all 1 help question.
    06:30- I go out for an affirmation walk. I walk and repeat my affirmations for 25 minutes.
    7:00 - I read for 30 minutes
    7:30- Read my planning again en reschedule new things.
    7:40- Start my day.
    11:00- I always try to finish the 3 main goals before 11.

    In the midday I normally try to schedule calls, learn new things, schedule meetings and stuff. The morning is for my deepwork. This is my new morning routine from the 1st of April, but I definitely going to keep it. It requires some discipline in the beginning, but it definitely becomes easier now.

    When someone has any suggestions for improvements, let me know! Let's grow together🚀

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      awesome - thanks for sharing. what is an affirmation walk? really curious...

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        Haha, wel I have like 6 affirmations what I say to myself everyday. You can look this up, there are some nice examples on Google.

        An affirmation walk isn't exiciting as you think haha. It's just a walk for 20 minutes outside and repeat the affirmations while you walk (say out loud). It's my way to keep a high self esteem and remind myself every day of my goals.

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    • Alarm at 6:40. Wake up slowly while checking phone.
    • Cereal first followed by some coffee.
    • Go through my email and quick check social media just to make sure I don't have any pending messages.
    • Get started on some actual work, usually around 8:30-9:00.

    Much easier to do this when I am working on personal projects. Otherwise, the real work take much longer to start.

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      not coffee first then cereal? :)

      thanks for sharing!

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        Haha, I had never put much thought into the order. :)
        But coffee is always after cereal and during the reading of news sites.

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    what times do you get up?

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      7-730, first priority is to make coffee for my partner, gamechanger!

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    I have some morning habits I'm forming - I take my multivitamin with breakfast and the Economist espresso app and then start by doing a pencil sketch with some music before thinking about anything else (I want to be getting better at this so I try to do one every week day morning, and it's a very chilled way to start the day) - then I come to Indie Hackers(!) to see if there's anything interesting and then send my product to someone, either a newsletter or blog or product site - it doesn't take long for those few things and I've already started the day with something valuable and that will hopefully build in value over time!

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      Sketch stuff in the morning, that's nice! How is your focus after it?

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        It makes me feel relaxed so I don't think my focus is affected, if anything I feel like I've achieved a little something already so it's good for morale!

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      dude awesome - what do you pencil sketch (I can definitely see that as relaxing with some chill music going on in the BG). Would love to also see some of the sketches!

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        Ha, no I'm not very good, but I find it relaxing - I just pick something from the flat like a jug or vase!

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    Ah nice! I am currently trying the 20/20/20 (Victory hour by Robin Sharma) => 20: Yoga, Wim Wof breathing technique; 20: Meditation and Journalling; 20: Learning new things (currently reading the Personal MBA)
    The 20min timing kinda helps me have a rhythm; maybe that is something that could be interesting for you too? :)

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      yeah definitely - I do have trouble staying still longer than 5 minutes but will take this into consideration! Thanks for the help :).

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      Is the Personal MBA any good?

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        Tl;Dr: I really like it - it is concise and clear information.

        There is a web "blog" version ( = easy to navigate + I like the questions that he has for every concept -> easier to analyze how I am doing for a certain concept and if there's something to implement :)

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          Cool thanks, I'll take a look 👍

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        This is hilarious. I bought it three years ago and it is sitting on my bookshelf in the corner. I maybe read 2 pages in it. Potential activity now for my mornings...!

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          haha wow and here I have been looking around for it in bookshops for the past year - but no luck, they seem to have stopped stocking it...
          Will be cool to hear your experience :)

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    This comment was deleted 10 months ago.

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      im not always either, it helps to have routine for me especially working from home. for the sake of my personal mental health and relationships, i make this high priority

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