April 26, 2019

Motivating have-way-through release of a portion of your project

Michael @M165437

A suggestion for the paralyzed, demotivated or anxious Indie Hacker: when I had already worked on my side project for months and still had months to go with all the work from my day job, I felt I’d never finish. Anxious about having invested so much time already without any real reward, I pulled out part of my codebase and released it as an open-source package. First, it was a thrill to release something (getting a glimpse of what it would feel like with my actual product) and second, seeing it being downloaded continuously as well as it gaining some stars on GitHub motivated me a ton during the months left with the real deal. Highly recommend it!

The package is API Blueprint Docs - An API Blueprint Renderer for Laravel

Have you done something similar to motivate yourself / overcome anxiety?

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    Have you done something similar to motivate yourself / overcome anxiety?
    Unfortunately, I suffered from it for years :((
    So, my recipe now is:

    • Divide all the work into small pieces and tasks to see the result as soon as possible
    • Tell everybody about my project to see the reaction (what can as motivate as demotivate actually :)
    • Release something as soon as possible.
      So, currently, I'm facing a similar dilemma: my product is big and I want to have feedback asap, what should I do?
      I didn't find a perfect answer yet, what I did is I just announced my future features on the landing page, prepared everything to potential user to try the product (even now, when it's not ready yet) and working crazy just to release the first version that users can have some benefits from, ASAP.
      Good luck!
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      Thanks and good luck to you too!

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