Podcasters February 22, 2021

Multiple projects for a girl with Multiple Personalities - Offer advice and a hi 🌸

Melissa C. Water @TheBagSystem

I’m a newbie; just rolled in 🌸
I am a mental health advocate with several projects. Some of which to do with having Dissociative Identity Disorder (aka Multiple Personalities)

My podcast is a few months in. It’s found under “The Bag System - Dissociative Identity Disorder”

My 6th episode is somehow a magical unicorn lol. It has a 100% download rate for listeners. No partial plays. Really happy on that one.

I’m also the concept creator and full designer of a web app that is being coded by volunteer devs. It’s also for Dissociative Identity and can be found at multipliedbyone.com

I hope to be active here. Im a deep-dive Googler for podcast promo and analytics or ways to improve my show, or website. Would be glad to pass some of it on.

Wishing you all success in your podcasting endeavours! If you’d like some of my findings for hard to find tips and resources for podcasters, comment below and say hey. 😊

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    yay! welcome to IH, it's an awesome community 😊

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    Hi Melissa

    Hey to you... Over the years I had several episodes of schizoaffective disorder until last year when I only was maniac for ten days. Three years ago I was lucky to meet my best friend, we are constantly growing. We are overcoming traumatic aspects in our lifes. Sometimes it is emotionally hard and stressful...

    I wish you the best luck in life, protection and support of the universe.


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      Hi Christian 😊
      I really appreciate you taking a moment to relate. I was nearly diagnosed with mania, but they figured out the spikes in differences were alters.
      It’s great you found your best friend. We all need that!
      Life can be a struggle; yes. The trick is to learn from it. 🌸

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