Multiple Webhook URLs With Paddle (A Paddle Demultiplexer)

Paddle allows you to have multiple products, but you can only configure one Webhook URL for them. That's a problem if you host your products on different servers or need to configure an affiliate management service that asks you to direct those webhooks to them.

After reaching out to support and hunting for an answer on the internet I believe that the best way to use Paddle for multiple products is to run a webhook demultiplexer. Luckily, with Go the job is easy, and with Google AppEngine you can run it for free.

I've open sourced my Paddle Demultiplexer on GitHub: https://github.com/akfaew/paddle-demux

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    can the your_webhook_path you refer to be anything I choose or is it the specific default app webhook I have currently for the single app or what is it exactly, in paddle? This is what's confusing me.

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    Hi Michal.
    Wanted to ask you what is the "your_webhook_path" setting exactly in https://your_project.appspot.com/your_webhook_path ? I understand the rest of the settings for the hosts for each app and the plan_id's for each app in the switch/case code as it's very easy to read. I'm just not sure what the "your_webhook_path" refers to as there are multiple for each app, right? So which one do I use for the single Receiving alerts in the URL for receiving webhook alerts section in paddle. I'm missing something on this and I'd like some help if you can spare it please? Appreciate it if you can answer that with an easy example.

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      No, you probably have one. Did you read the introduction "How it works" section?

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