Ideas and Validation January 17, 2020

Music playlists automation


I have been thinking about this for more than 1 year now. The idea is to curate music from music channels on Youtube. Youtube recommendations system works great, but it changes a lot with view history. Whenever I watch too many Electronic music videos, the next recommendations will be limited in the genre.

The automation starts from creating list of Youtube channels (US rap, Electronic...), that publish on a regular basic, and from there you access a playlist (can have filters..)

I made a blog that does part of this: scan my susbscriptions for videos, apply filters, basically likes and date.

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    Interesting. I would have thought that the cause of the problem (i.e. repetitive music) itself is automation. Is the hypothesis that people are not able to find 'alternative' playlists? Or rather, because they do not appear on your YouTube homescreen?

    I am curious also because I actually just started a music recommendation blog. Purely because I think automated recommendation algorithms plateau (and so in that way, I think we are aligned). See this -

    I am not promoting this anywhere simply because I don't think there are enough people looking for this kind of music anymore, certainly not looking for album recommendations. Happy to be proved wrong though. :)

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      Sometimes they appear, sometimes not. The purpose of the automation is to get what we want: For example: Best rated Tunisian Rap in the last X days.