🧑‍🚀 Musk on Mars - Sharing My No-Code Stack

Hey Everyone, thought I'd share this funny product @ModernAfflatus and I built entirely with no-code! It's called Musk on Mars (https://www.muskonmars.space). We went from idea to live product in one week all with a no-code stack.

Happy to answer any questions about the stack or share our experience about working remote from different time zones!

For context, we build funny/dumb products every other week under the name badunicorn.vc - we're just trying to build product that will make people smile.

No-Code Stack:

With Gratitude,

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    May i ask how much time you spent on this site?, I see a lot of work and dedication.

    1. 1

      Hmm that's a tricky question since it was a side project and it was broken up so much. My guess would be.. 20ish hours in the past week in total. Most of that time was spent in Webflow then optimizing the rest after that.

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    Hey, just saw this. This is so much fun!!

    ROFL on below

    How much skill is involved in picking the right date?
    It's mostly skill based. The more research you do, the better your odds. I'm only saying this so we don't get shutdown by the government for gambling. 😉

    1. 2

      Haha thanks @upenv

      All the Bad Unicorn products aim to be light-hearted fun so glad this line made you laugh 😊

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    I like the way you are creatively using Calendly.

    Is Trello used somewhere on the site, or is it just for managing the project?

    1. 2

      Hey LurkingDoge - good question. Yeah in this case Trello is used for managing the project, tracking milestones, storing graphics and imagery that kind of thing :)

      Would be interesting to think of how to incorporate a Trello board into the site. Maybe a parody of what they're using for project management in SpaceX? haha

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    What's used for payments?

    1. 2

      We're using a Stripe integration for Calendly 🙂 Really easy to set up within Calendly.

  5. 1

    Will also add Canva, Videoleap, and Mojo for the design stack to those who asked 🙂

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