Software as a Service December 15, 2020

Must have pages for Saas?

Eren @elwind

Hi internet, solo entrepreneur here. I’m creating a landing page for my saas and could not decide what to add beside “pricing”. What do you think ?

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    Most of the existing replies have covered the basic pages you need, so I'd just note that creating one or two pages that you think will work well in search early rather than later is really important.

    Come up with a good blog post around a solution to the problem your tech solves that potential customers would be searching for.

    Make a page that is "<Biggest Competitor> Alternative".

    If your product works for multiple use cases, pick the biggest one that has good, specific keywords and make an alternate version of your homepage or product overview page that speaks specifically to that use case with the relevant search keywords.

    Over time these pages can become the biggest traffic drivers for your site.

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      This is brilliant. I will work on this but I don't have much experience with SEO so that will teach me a lot.

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        Ahrefs has a really powerful free tool to help you analyze how you are doing, see what keywords you are getting traffic for, etc. I'd check it out and set it up for your site.

        Also setting up Google Search Console gives some good basic insights on how your site is doing with search.

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          Noted, looks good added into my link db. But right now I would like to solve this problem with free to use tools. I'm on a budget.

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            Ahrefs Webmaster Tools is a free product. You need to go to the link specifically for the webmaster tools above. On the homepage they are selling a different product that is not free.

            Not sure why they are making the free option hard to find.

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              Haha I see, I quickly went to pricing but there were free option. Thank you so much.

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      Thanks man, I do not know the terminology what do you mean by T&Cs.

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        Terms & Conditions

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          Ah I see, thanks a lot.

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    Some kind of FAQ. You should make clear what value your product provides on the landing page, but usually there are more questions to be answered.

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      Oh I see, at first basic FAQ should do it I guess. Also having a contact and feedback pages will be good.

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        I think it's a good idea to add billing and cancellation questions to your FAQ as well. It's good to be upfront and let the user know that there's a way out.

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          Yeah it makes sense. I'm planning a beta phase. During that time I do not charge anything but later giving that information will be useful.

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    A "about" page. People want to know with whom they are dealing with.

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    That's all you need home and maybe a pricing page depending on the length of home.

    Later on you will need a blog, affiliate, knowledge base and pages for features.

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      Thanks, that’s cool. I’m a backend developer and I don’t that much experience in frontend. Can you share a tool to create landing page ?

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        I'm the co-founder of

        It is a perfect tool for backend devs :)

        Any questions i'm always in the live chat.

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          I will look into it, looks clean and easy to use. Thank you for sharing!

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    Have a Feature page to show what your product do, How it is different from competitors, Chatbot, About us.

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      Oh I see, good idea, thanks. Noted!

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    FAQ, About, Privacy Policy, T&C and a blog later on to generate more traffic

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      That's cool, never thought that. Noted!

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